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Thank You For Being YOU!

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I know that many months have passed since we have last connected, and although I have adamantly proclaimed, on a number of occasions, “I AM BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER,” I have began to realize that I still have “work to do.” This past year has been one that is humbling and enlightening at the same time because it provided me with the opportunity to see a side of myself that was repressed and unknown to my being. It has forced me to uncover areas of my identity that I never even new existed, but at the same time, has allowed me to realize that I still have SOOOO much growing that needs to take place. With this being said, I am not here to tell you that I am officially back, but rather to say thank you for staying committed. I know that it might seem like I have disappeared, but the vision of the IDENTITY REVOLUTION is stronger than ever before. Bu this time, I know that I need to “recharge” and then share my experience when the time is truly right.

Therefore, I wanted to wish you a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING and on this wonderful day, I encourage you to not only say “thank you” to the people in your world, but also to acknowledge yourself for all that you do!

I admire each and everyone of you and will be forever grateful that we are a team…!

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RoyC November 25, 2010 at 2:15 pm

Hi Jared,

Thank you. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Let me know how I can help..
Sharing can make a difference. Give from the heart with no expectations. RoyC


iris cohen November 26, 2010 at 1:21 pm

nice to see you back, Jared…thanks for the thoughtful message- love, Iris


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