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You are EXACTLY Where You Should Be

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I hope that the past few weeks have been as wonderful for you as they have been for me. Each time I sit down to share a new philosophy or experience that has recently taken place in my life with all of you, I find myself not knowing where to begin or what I should communicate first. As a result, I have written article after article, but now it is time to share.

the-sky-is-the-limit-menucha-citronBrandentity is about to grow in a way that I have always dreamed of, and in the coming weeks there is going to be an extremely exciting announcement that I will make. I have always believed that Brandentity possessed limitless potential as to what it could become. I am not sure if all of you realize this, but in the early phases of this movement, we gained incredible momentum because of the vision of what was truly possible. The platform began as a solution for an epidemic that I believe infests our world; one that expands far outside the scope of what we see on the surface –the recession, obesity, healthcare, divorce, drugs, suicide etc. but is actually rooted deeper within our personal existence. What I am referring to is destroying our lives and coined as an Identity Crisis. This can show up in a variety of ways, whether it is within your career, relationships, parenting, health, etc. The root of this crisis is that whether you allow the world to see this pain and anguish, or you internalize it, you begin to live a life in which your environment has no workability and the outcome results in you becoming a shell of your true self. Maybe what I share does not resonate with you initially, but what I ask is for you to delve deeper into your existence, literally to your core, so that you can begin to understand who you are as an individual and what is holding you back from living a life where you achieve your fullest self-expression. This has been the mission of Brandentity from Day One, but what is about to happen is truly transformational, and I am eager to share this with you.

In the meantime, there are so many lessons which I have learned as this initiative is about to come to fruition and one of them surrounds the concept of coincidence. There have been countless occasions in my life, and I know that all of you can relate, where one of two things may have taken place:

1.)    I label an event or experience as a coincidence or “fate-esque” OR

2.)    I say “Why me…why does everything (bad, negative, difficult, etc.) have to happen to me?”

hands_in_sand.29190636_stdFirst and foremost, the term coincidence is derived from the word coincide which can be defined as “to correspond exactly; be identical,” or in other words, a PERFECT match. Therefore, nothing is a coincidence and nothing “happens” haphazardly to any of us during our lives. I can think of a number of events which have taken place, whether they surrounded the emotions of love, pain, fear, or challenging times, where I would immediately label the occurrence in this monumental fashion for no reason other than to define why it took place. But what I have come to realize is that all of us are EXACTLY where we should be at all times. This has nothing to do with our actual location in the world, but rather our whereabouts in our own existence.

This also relates with the concept of time because when these events take place; such as falling in love, starting a business, ending a relationship, or taking care of a loved one who is ill, these occurrences seem to manifest in our lives when we are ready to handle them—whether we realize this in that moment or not. Let’s pretend that life was a puzzle, and each experience represents a piece.  Therefore, if you are a visual minded individual, (and most of us are), look at life through that perspective and simplify the “events” by telling yourself that these are just PIECES.  I think it is important for me to delve deeper into this philosophy because if you are able to find where this concept “shows up” in your life, I am confident that even more meaning will be attached to where you stand today.

The_Puzzle_of_Life_by_ForgiveValFor me, the theory of “time is everything” is obviously not new, and I have heard it on a number of occasions in my past, but it has recently become an absolute reality for me in many areas of my life. Regarding Brandentity, I briefly mentioned how this organization is on the cusp of a transformation due to a newly established opportunity. But without all of the other PIECES which I have acquired over the years, I would not be who I am in this very moment, and as a result, this potential may have never been realized. These PIECES I am referring to were business successes, business failures, and various life events. These pieces have provided me with a foundation to build upon so that I can take my personal vision to an entirely new level. Another example lies within relationships because we often wonder “what was the point of a relationship that ended and why does everyone I get involved with tend to be ‘wrong’ for me?” However, each individual acts as another piece to “our puzzle of life,” guiding us to where we belong.

standing-at-the-edgeI am sure that all of you have had your heart broken and in that moment you pleaded for mercy, or maybe you are still holding onto the pieces of “what could have been,” and as result, you might not be allowing yourself to experience your next love, which could be your true love. But what I recognize is that the “fate” you may have attached to your previous relationship was a story that justified why this partner was not “right” for you. I am obviously not uncompassionate about feelings, but I have become more of a realist in the past 12 months and began to look at life through the lens of “what is” as opposed to what I create in my mind. I know that your breakup was painful, but without this experience you would not be where you are today—whole, complete, and perfect in this moment. And you might experience another breakup, or maybe you will get fired, or maybe sickness will enter your world, or maybe you will start a company and fail, or maybe you will miss your plane flight, or maybe you will be late for work. Think back to 9/11, an event which has etched a place in the lives of every single person who was alive during this time. How many stories were there of people who worked in the World Trade Center and for some reason, on the morning of 9/11, they were either late, stuck in traffic, ill, or just took a day off? The stories are endless, but the reason I use this as an example is because this is not a coincidence. Remember the term coincide means a “perfect” match. Those people who did not go to the office that day were exactly where they should have been in their lives in that moment. Once again…time is everything.

It is also important to recognize that you cannot fake or create your fate because this is derived well before you had a say. I am not going to go on a spiritual tangent at this moment, but instead, I share this with you because something that I have seen many people struggle with, (myself included), is accepting life for what it is. Remember, from my last blog post, our context is decisive, which means that the words we attach to the event which takes place is what will manifest because it is what we believe. So if you went through a painful divorce, lost all of your money in the stock market, connected with your “soul mate,” won the lottery, or did not get the business deal that you desired, I want to emphasize the importance that this is not coincidence, nor is it the universe trying to “get revenge,” but rather this is exactly where you should be in that moment.

I think back to the many experiences in my life which were neither positive nor negative (although in that instant you better believe that I labeled them) because they were simply events. So as Brandentity takes on a new life, as your world will always take on a new life, and as we progress together, I ask that you recognize life for what it is and remember that nothing is coincidence and everything is a “perfect match,” because we are always exactly where we should be at all times.

What “PIECES to YOUR PUZZLE” come to mind?

What does this mean to you? Please leave a comment.

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