My Life Is Perfect—FOR ME…Is YOURS?

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Are you able to say that your life is “PERFECT?” What I am asking you is whether you operate from the domain of full self-expression where you experience everything that life has to offer without limitations set by your mind. I was having a conversation with someone, who is an extremely important individual in my life, about this philosophy because it is something that we embody, share, and attempt to portray to the world as a model of endless possibilities.  But before I begin, I would like to take a moment to share my definition of PERFECTION which is…

The ability to feel fortunate with what you have, while being open to the possibility of having more, but BEING abundant regardless of whether or not anything changes.

Unfortunately, we have been conditioned by society to believe that this concept is unattainable. We live in a world wperfectionhere mediocrity has become accepted as the norm. And the byproduct of this way of life is an impediment upon our growth and overall fulfillment. As a result, we become programmed into believing that living as a shell of who we are is our destiny.

Who told you that a dead end career is probable?
Who told you that growing older will lead to sickness and disease?
Who told you that an unhealthy relationship is inevitable?
Who told you that conformity is the only way to “fit in?”

I am not speaking directly at YOU, but rather I am sharing my perspective on society as a whole. Acceptance of mediocrity is one of the root causes to the identity crises that the majority of our world will experience at some point in their lives. I am sharing this because I experienced it last year. I accepted mediocrity in my career, my relationships, my health, and with the who I was as an individual. I felt that I lost what makes me…ME! I accepted a mediocre life, and as a result, I was expressing myself as a mediocre individual. But this article is not only about my recognition as to where I was and my newfound ability to state that for today, “MY LIFE IS PERFECT—FOR ME,” but rather I hope to challenge all of you to find where this “shows up in your life?”

perfect 3Because what I have come to realize is that mediocrity is contagious and will expand as it consumes your way of being. Initially, it might surface within a relationship, but I guarantee that it will infiltrate other areas of your life. The reason people get comfortable living an average life is because it is not harmful nor is it bad, but you better believe that it is NOT PERFECT! And I will stand by the fact that ALL OF YOU deserve to live a life of perfection based on how you define this term. You deserve to have it ALL…the love, the success, the health, and most importantly—YOU! But in order for this to materialize and become something real, I think it is critically important to understand how it surfaced in the first place. Therefore, here are my observations as to why so few people live a life of limitless possibilities…

1.       We are lazy. Someone once told me that “LIFE is HARD WORK,” and in that moment (by the way, I think I was 9 years old) something about these words did not resonate with me, but I was unsure as to why until now. Life is NOT HARD WORK! However, if that is the story you continue to tell yourself, than you will accept a mediocre existence where the somewhat probable, unfulfilling, limited life will be the inevitable. But once you give yourself the permission to change your story, you will begin to recognize that life is not work at all, but rather a conscious effort to confront your challenges so that you can achieve what you ultimately desire. So, what do you want from your LIFE? This is a question that ONLY YOU have the power to answer as you possess the free will to create “YOUR PERFECT LIFE.”

perfect 42.       We have no (or limited) self-worth. I went out for dinner about three months ago and one of the people who were present told me that no one in her world cares about what she has to say…and was convinced that this was the TRUTH. So I asked her, “Where was this belief born?” She had no idea as to what I was referring to, so I took it one level deeper and asked, “Who in your past ignored you when you were speaking?” In that moment, I saw a distinction become REAL as she told me that when she was five and playing with her cousin, he ignored her when she was speaking by turning away. I then made the following statement, (and I encourage all of you to think about how this concept shows up in your life because this is WHY you may be accepting mediocrity), “Do you realize that as a result of the action that your five year old cousin took by ignoring you, you have allowed yourself to BELIEVE that people do not value what you have to say for the next 25 years of your life? Is it worth it?”  

3.       We think perfection is unattainable. We live our lives with self-limiting beliefs as to what is truly possible in order to “play it safe,” and then justify our actions or inactions with the story that something is NOT POSSIBLE. Because if this is what we tell ourselves, then why would we even try to achieve it. But I am here to express a sentiment that I hope resonates with all of you. I have the family, the relationship, the friends, the career, the health, and the ME! Does this mean that I do not experience challenges? Does this mean that I am coasting? Does this mean that chaos does not enter my world? ABSOLUTELY NOT, but what it does mean is that I am open to the possibility of living a life of PERFECTION and NEVER settling or accepting mediocrity in ANY area of my existence. With this being said, I am NO different than any of you, so please recognize that perfection is VERY MUCH attainable.

perfect 54.       We are afraid. Whether you have lived within the domain of mediocrity for a year, ten, or even your entire life, the UNKNOWN is the most significant barrier to action because human beings are afraid of what is possible. Living within the domain of mediocrity will guarantee ONE THING…an unfulfilling, inevitable, predictable, and limited existence. And if you are okay with that, than BE AFRAID and remain in this place. But if for some reason you are no longer satisfied with being part of what society has labeled as the norm, then face your FEARS and be open to the possibility of living a PERFECT existence. This is not subjective, but rather it is something that you can feel, something that can be experienced every moment of every day, and something that will allow you to understand  that regardless of what takes place in your world, NOTHING will steal YOU from YOU!

In closing, everything about life is man-made. Business is man-made, relationships are man-made, and your health is man-made. What I mean is that all of you have the power to “MAKE YOUR LIFE” in whatever capacity you desire. But what I must emphasize is that you DESERVE to live a life where you are capable of uttering these words, “MY LIFE IS PERFECT—FOR ME!

So what will it take for this to become YOUR REALITY…?

What does this mean to you? Please leave a comment.

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