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Do You Want To Take ANY Challenging Circumstance, Event, Or World-Problem And Use It As Your Greatest Accelerator To Date?
Your NLUM Gameplan
Expand Your Network, Build Your List, Establish Your Unit, And Catalyze A Movement All While Quarantined
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My Team Has Created An Implementation Guide To Help Direct You Through Building Your NLUM Gameplan And I Want To Give This To You Because I Am Positive It Will Help You



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This Is NOT Just Another Video Training - It’s Like You Hired Me!

Whether you like it or not, there is a “new norm” that is in the process of being defined and established and regardless of your opinion of the current circumstances, you are forced to evolve or evaporate…


Let’s play a game called EXPECT the worst…


This is not a game that I would naturally play, but I do this occasionally in business and even in life when the outcome of what I am creating could be disrupted by outside forces.


There is a chance that you might not agree with this game - totally cool - but there is also a very good chance that you will be blindsided so I encourage you to play with me.


Let’s pretend that the WORST happens…


We are forced to quarantine in perpetuity…


WOWZA, rather intense and there will be a myriad of extreme challenges that emerge…


  • Stress and isolation will be at an all-time high

  • Mental illness will skyrocket

  • Unemployment, cutbacks and financial turmoil will surge

  • Commercial real estate will disintegrate

  • Businesses will close their doors in droves

  • Relationship-building will never be the same


And this is only a handful of “new norms!” As you know, there will be a host of personal challenges that emerge as well, but for the sake of this game, I’m confident you get my point.


For the record, I don’t think this will happen and I am confident that we, the people, can prevent this “insanity” from taking place…(a game for a different day).


Okay, back to this game…


If quarantined in perpetuity, what will you do to accelerate and initiate relationships that lead to WIN-WIN outcomes?


I am talking tactical and practical…


How will you expand (and contract) your network?

How will you organize your relationships into lists?

How will you build your unit of 5 total insanely like-minded businesses?

How will you catalyze your movement?


And I can assure you that as much as I love and honor prayer, meditation, and manifestation, none of these will have you emerge during this extreme situation.


It’s going to all boil down to one question…


Is this happening FOR ME or TO ME?


Depending on how you answer this question will then determine your outcome in our game…





It’s black or white and my intention is to cause the following outcomes for you so that YOU WIN!


  1. Crystalize the benefit of each network you belong to while opening your mind to networks you should belong to AND eliminating networks that have crossed the fine line of in service of and in disservice of. 

  2. Catalyze a daily ritual of mining and organizing relationships in order to serve the relationship so that every relationship gets exactly what it needs from you and you get what you need from them.

  3. Initiating the building of your unit because anyone can accomplish anything with the right UNIT...period! The right unit is a force of nature and a force for good but it must be initiated and facilitated with intention.

  4. Declare your movement and back your declaration with consistent, integrity-filled, and disruptive energy. The key with your movement is to walk your talk so declaring it accurately from the start is essential. 


If you think this sounds like every other “training” you have participated in - AWESOME - but commit anyway because I am 100000% certain that what you will learn during this immersive “tactical and practical” strategy session will not only motivate you, but it will put you into action while you develop Your NLUM Gameplan. 


And for the record…


Your NLUM Gameplan is NOT only so that you can WIN the game stated from above…


But it’s so you can WIN in life...PERIOD!


I am honored, I am excited, and most importantly, I am ready to lead you.

Get Your NLUM Gameplan Kit RIGHT NOW, But Promise Me One Thing...

Letter From Jared Yellin, Creator Of Your NLUM Gameplan


Hello Fellow Changemaker...

It’s really interesting how I feel about experiences like Your NLUM Gameplan...

I mean I LOVE doing them.

I love sharing tactical and practical in a world where most “similar” experiences are theory and hype.

But that’s not why I do it…

I do it because I am certain that 15-22% of people will implement.

I don’t know which 15-22% but I know they are present.

And that is my SOLE motivation.

I don’t want people spending time with me in any strategy session

if they are only doing it because it makes them feel good.

YES, I want you to feel freakin GREAT, but that is not why I am hosting these sessions.

I do this so you can learn and implement.

Like immediately.

Please implement - for you - not for me - and for your family, your community, and the world.

AND, PLEASE let me know once you implement…

Live with Intention,
Jared Yellin

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