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30 Days To Bring Your IDEA To REALITY!

“Grab the craziest idea that lives in your mind RIGHT NOW and run with it for the next 30 days.” -Jared Yellin

One of the coolest things about CILA LABS is our ability to RUN, SPRINT, and SOAR with ideas…

Just ask any of our portfolio companies that we are creating as we speak…

Our speed of innovation is INSANE and the reason we FLY is because of this very simple fact…

The world around us is in a constant state of motion…

When you sleep - someone else is awake.

When you perseverate - someone else is taking action.

When you talk - someone else is doing.

This is why the first 30 days that your crazy idea enters your mind is the make or break time…

If you commit to a daily - ritualistic - action plan to make progress for the next 30-days you will build enough velocity to determine if this idea is a hero or an iteration.

But if you just think about the idea for the next 30-days and DON’T take ritualistic action - then it’s guaranteed that your idea will NOT be a hero as it will never see the light of day.

Innovation and immediate action are directly correlated and this does not mean you become careless, but it does mean that you see the innovation and then develop a daily plan to make progress as a mechanism to test your idea.

Here’s an example of a 30-day immediate action plan to bring your IDEA to LIFE…

Day 1: Jump on Facebook Live and explain the problem you are committed to solving and ask people to DM you if they want to learn more and/or support

Day 2: Complete a competitive analysis to see what other solutions exist

Day 3: Document how your solution will solve the problem with details around the product or service

Day 4: Think of a name

Day 5: Think of a slogan

Day 6: Get a logo

Day 7: Write your first sales letter where you are selling your idea to an investor or a high-level vendor

Day 8: Document what your ideal role is within your idea

Day 9: Document what gaps exist and the type of skills you will need to recruit

Day 10: Who do you know that might support your idea and invest time

Day 11: How much capital do you need to launch an MVP version of your idea - do research!

Day 12: Schedule 2-3 vendor calls with companies that can help build your idea

Day 13: Share your idea with 10 different people over the next 2 weeks and take note of their thoughts and feedback

Day 14: Build your financial model

Day 15: Jump on Facebook Live and give an idea update

Day 16: Develop your go-to market strategy

Day 17: Organize your relationships based on how they can win with you

Day 18: Pitch an investor and see how they respond

Day 19: Objectively try and find holes in your idea

Day 20: Who would be your ideal partners that would accelerate your idea forward from a sales perspective

Day 21: Explain what people are doing today that is inefficient and then write up how you will make whatever they are doing efficient

Day 22: Get objective data to prove that you have a solution for a large enough problem

Day 23: Develop a financial forecast of good, better, best.

Day 24: What would your MVP product do?

Day 25: Put together an investor deck and/or product/service deck

Day 26: Interview 2-4 people who will help bring your idea to life

Day 27: Speak with an attorney to understand opportunity and risk associated with your idea

Day 28: Incorporate your company if this idea is ready for you to take the next step

Day 29: Connect with CILA LABS if your idea is tech related because we might just be able to solve every need you have

Day 30: Get on Facebook Live and share what you found...hero, iteration, or _________


Are you exhausted or excited by the list?

Are you paralyzed or ready?

Will you do it or not?

There are countless people I speak with who have been sitting on their idea for months or even years and they have already missed that 30-day immediate action window.

The longer you wait - the harder it is to act.

Trust me - I have had dozens of ideas sit for too long and found it extremely difficult to get them in motion once they crossed that 30-day threshold.

And yes, this exercise is NOT for the faint of heart NOR is bringing an idea to life.

Idea generation is for the changemakers…

The innovators…

The disrupters..

This is why CILA LABS exists because we want to meet people who have ideas for days, weeks, or months and help them take their idea from a piece of paper and transform it into a disruptive company.

We stand to eliminate and disseminate inefficiencies in every industry, in every community, and in the world…

There are inefficiencies in healthcare, education, marketing, sales, chiropractic, insurance adjusting, social media, television, mobile apps, podcasts, real estate, data, and EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY that exists…

My question for you to ponder as you step into your 30-day action plan to bring your idea to life is the following…

Will you SOLVE the inefficiency or CREATE the inefficiency?

Neither is good nor bad - just decide - and I encourage you to follow our 30-day plan from above and/or connect with CILA LABS.

Love and appreciate you - time to rock!

Live with Intention,



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