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5 Ways To Compete Against The YOU Of Yesterday

“Every moment that someone focuses on their external competition is a moment where they are not focused on what will lead to a big WIN because the only competition that exists is you outdoing YOU." - Jared Yellin

Most people have it ALLLLL wrong.

They think their competition is a person or organization with a similar offer.

They think their competition is a person or organization that has market share.

They think their competition is a person or organization who is “stealing” their leads…

And the more you think the competition is external — the more you are completely focused on not WINNING!

Your only goal should be to defeat the YOU of the day before - forget all and any outside forces - just WIN by competing against the YOU of yesterday. 

I Learned This When I Had 405 lbs Of Steel Over My Head

I was a completely natural bodybuilder in college who never entered a competition because I had nothing to prove to anyone but myself.

My ONLY goal was to outlift the ME of the day before.

My ONLY goal was to get bigger than the ME of the day before.

My ONLY goal was to become more mentally strong when compared to the ME of the day before.

I was so monomaniacally focused on MYSELF when I was in the gym, it was as if NO ONE was there but me.

But I learned that most of the other dedicated gym goers did not share my belief, and they happened to feel an insatiable desire to compete with me.

On a max-out day, I decided to put 405 lbs on the incline bench - which is 4 plates on each side (45 lbs each). I found the smallest dude in the gym at that time, Don, and asked him to spot me, which led to him saying, “There is no way I will be able to help you if, for any reason, you get stuck.”

My response to this statement was, “That’s why I chose you because I won’t get stuck.”

As I began to focus on WINNING against MYSELF from the last chest day - there was a group of people congregating around the incline bench - for the record - I had NO IDEA anyone was there.

I told Don don’t even think of touching the bar - I got it.

Within minutes, the bar was off the rack, 405 lbs of steel was headed to my chest and seconds later, it was back on the rack as I threw this weight up like it was no one’s business.

At this point, I stood up and noticed at least 50 people congregating around and watching in awe. 

One of these people was a guy named Andrew, who I did not know well, but he was a pretty darn committed gym-goer who thought he was competing against ME (to my surprise!).

He then asked me NOT to dismantle the 405 lbs because he wanted a shot, and in his attempt to “WIN,” he ended up hurting his shoulder and was out of the gym for 6-weeks.

The point of this story is the following…

WHENEVER you focus on external competition, it’s guaranteed to distract you from the outcome you have set out to achieve, and you will absolutely fall short.

The ONLY competition - is WINNING against your former self from the day earlier! 

5 Ways to Compete Against the YOU of Yesterday

1 - Set an almost impossible target for what you are looking to achieve, which is time-bound.

Whether you are focused on hitting personal records in the gym, growing your business, increasing your closing rate on sales calls, etc., you must have a very specific target that is on the borderline of impossible with a deadline you won’t negotiate against. 

I do this across many domains of my life, including my various entrepreneurial endeavors, my intense health routine, the relationship I share with my wife, and the father I am to my three children. 

I don’t believe in taking it easy - EVER.

I don’t believe less is more - EVER.

I don’t believe challenging targets are demotivating - EVER.

I don’t believe pressure is bad - EVER.

And if you disagree with me - that’s cool - but what I do know is this works for me, and it has worked for countless others who I have shared it with as well.

There is also nothing to lose because even if you fall short of the seemingly impossible outcome — I guarantee you landed further than you would have been if you committed to an attainable goal. 

AND - make this outcome time-bound - so you can reverse engineer the target into monthly, weekly, and daily commitments which can never be negotiated against because if a daily outcome is missed, then I am positive you will miss other daily outcomes, and the compounded effect of missing daily outcomes will lead to you not even getting close to your desired seemingly impossible outcome. 

2 - Track every measurable piece of data and document it.

Don’t pick and choose what you are tracking so you feel good about your inputs and the micro-results — TRACK everything and DOCUMENT everything.

Track the number of calls.

Track the closes.

Track the weight.

Track the food.

Track the leads.




Because what does not get tracked does not improve.

And KNOWING where you might be missing the mark because of data you are tracking and documenting will be the greatest source of accountability as you now have full optics into how to course correct and ensure you hit (or get close) to your seemingly impossible target. 

3 - Answer the golden three questions daily.

What worked?

What did not work?

What is my plan for tomorrow? 

These three golden questions will produce GOLD for you because you need to double down on what worked, identify what was suboptimal, and have a plan to execute the workings and avoid the pitfalls. 

When you pursue a seemingly impossible target, your goal is to remove all points of friction, pivot quickly, often, and with great intensity, and enforce an immediate feedback loop. 

This is a less than 5-minute exercise that will end up giving you back countless hours of intentionality guided towards your seemingly impossible target.  

4 - Put in 1% more than the day before.

If you did 100 sales calls < do 101.

If you bench press 225 lbs < do 227.25

If you closed $5,000 in sales < do $5,0005

1% daily growth, when compounded, leads to 33% monthly and 3741% annually! 

And I get it, there is some limit to the number of sales calls because of the time in the day and some limit to the amount of weight you could ever lift, but there are plenty of targets that have infinite upside, so don’t get lost in the details of the 1% and just commit to growing, putting in more effort, suppressing limiting beliefs daily!

5 - Remind yourself daily - your only competition is YOU!

You are going to see your external competition on Facebook.

You are going to hear about the successes of your external competition.

You are going to have an inferiority complex when your external competition pops into your head.

You are human!

But as a human - we are able to condition ourselves with consistency so DAILY reminders that your own competition is YOU will help enforce that your only competition is YOU!

Now What?

Stop focusing on anything but YOU.

Stop worrying about your competition.

Stop thinking about the customer who signed up with someone other than you.

Just commit to getting better daily.

Just commit to being a better version of yourself.

Just commit to improving your offer.

Just commit to being more committed.

The most iconic companies and humans never even think about their external competition for a minute, and instead, they are playing a game called…

ME versus ME, and the ME of today is going to kick the ASS of the ME of yesterday.

You have nothing to lose by playing this game and sooooooooo much to WIN!

Give it a go…

Live with Intention,


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