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5 Ways To Find Your Calling + Leave The Mundane Majority

“Your calling will find you as long as you listen for it.” - Jared Yellin

Maybe I am insensitive…

Maybe I lack empathy…

Maybe I am unrealistic…

Maybe I am out of touch…


Maybe I am 100000% freaking on point when I say…

EVERYONE must listen for, commit to, and relentlessly achieve their calling during their very limited time on earth.

I know people, and I see people who just go through the motions of their life.

They do nothing interesting.

They have less than zero adventure.

They commit to a mundane existence.

They are a number at best.

AND THEY COMPLAIN — that they don’t have what they desire.

Why should they?

They earned nothing!

“But Jared, not everyone has the ability to pursue their passions, interests, and calling the way you have.”

I call BULL-freakin-SHIZZLE!


Just soooooooooooooo few ever will.

My Question For You…

Will You Be Part Of The Mundane Majority Or The Confined Calling?

I use the word confined because the number of people who listen for, commit to, and relentlessly achieve their calling is restricted in volume because the mundane majority have decided to listen to anything and everything but their calling…

“Think small…”

“Play it safe…”

“Don’t dream…”

“Be careful…”

“Come down to earth…”

“Don’t take risks…”

“Fly under the radar…”

This is a religion for the mundane majority.

They have tattooed limiting beliefs on their bicep like a code of armor.

They have conditioned themselves to accept mediocrity.

They have committed to being okay at best.

But what I can tell you is this…

The fraction of a percentage of humans who listen for, commit to and relentlessly achieve their calling simply live a better life.

They have more joy…

They have more love…

They have more money…

They have more health…

They have more energy…

They have more sex appeal…

They have more swagger…

They have more freedom…

They have MORE of what the Mundane Majority wants but refuse to get.

And guess what…

If you were wondering - I am NOT part of the Mundane Majority, and instead, I am leading the charge in the Confined Calling, and this is how….

5 Ways To Find Your Calling + Leave The Mundane Majority

Way #1: Listen to your GUT — not the opinion of the Mundane Majority.

Your calling will BY FAR be the loudest voice where it matters most - in your GUT - but the Mundane Majority will be the loudest voice in your EAR.

They will tell you what’s NOT possible versus believing in the probability of impossibility.

The question you need to answer is - which will you listen to?

And this is a dichotomous decision - black or white - which will it be?

Your ears…

Your gut…

Because if your goal is to find your calling, you MUST listen for it.

When I committed to building, scaling, and exiting 10,000+ tech companies which will become the next era of venture where we focus on Capital Efficient SaaS - I listened to my GUT - NOT to the noise of the Mundane Majority, which was attempting to tell me that I was crazy, manic, and unrealistic.

As a result - I am ALL-IN on listening for, committing to, and relentlessly achieving my calling.

Way #2: Step outside the boundaries of what’s comfortable.

No one has EVER achieved ANYTHING of real substance who also committed to staying within the boundaries of the known.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to achieve what has never been done while at the same time remaining comfortable, cozy, and at ease.

I go to bed with doubt.

I wake up with doubt.

I live with doubt.

And yet…

I EXECUTE with certainty.

You must - and I repeat MUST - embrace the unknown, the uncertain, and the uncomfortable if you plan to reach your calling.

This means…

Try something new daily…

Test and be willing to iterate…

Change your mind when you need to…

Network up…

And be freakin fearless!

Way #3: Become a watcher of the doer and never mislead the watcher.

Eckhart Tolle says, “Become the watcher of the thinker,” which I 100% agree with, but I also believe this gives people the permission to THINK more than ACT.

And the only way to find your calling is to ACT more than THINK.

But as you are taking action - commit to objectively watching yourself in the DOING mode.

When you are DOING - how does it feel?

When you are DOING - what is your demeanor?

When you are DOING - how much friction do you face?

When you are DOING - are you a magnet of opportunity?


Is that you MUST be blatantly honest with yourself because if your DOING is not bringing you joy, fulfillment, energy, success, money, health, love, etc. — NEVER mislead the watcher because the watcher is YOU!

This is when it's time to pivot OR abandon OR reassess because you have a finite amount of TIME to DO, and my hope and desire if you commit to finding your calling is that you find it as quickly as possible, and the only way to do this is to NEVER mislead the watcher!

Way #4: Audit your energy for multiplication.

Every action you take falls into one of three buckets…

  1. Subtraction - uses up energy

  2. Addition - incrementally increases energy

  3. Multiplication - exponentially increases energy

Therefore, do an audit of your actions and commit to eliminating, delegating, or automating anything that falls into the subtraction bucket, give the addition bucket some attention to make it a multiplication within 90 days or begin to delegate it out, and then double down on the multiplication actions because in order to listen for, commit to, and relentlessly achieve your calling, you must commit to EXPONENTIAL actions (aka MULTIPLICATION ONLY!).

Way #5: Commit to limitless - freaking - LIMITLESS.

Although I never quote anyone but myself — I do love the work of Napoleon Hill, so here you go…

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

The kryptonite of your calling is your beliefs.

If you believe you can’t - YOU WON’T.

If you believe you can - YOU MUST!

This does not mean that fleeting doubt will stop you from accomplishing your calling. Remember, I wake up, live with, and go to bed with doubt - but it’s FLEETING - never paralyzing.

And it’s NOT my religion to believe in ANY of the following…

“Think small…”

“Play it safe…”

“Don’t dream…”

“Be careful…”

“Come down to earth…”

“Don’t take risks…”

“Fly under the radar…”

If you don’t believe it’s possible to listen for, commit to, and relentlessly achieve your calling, then you wasted your time reading this article, and you will always be part of the MUNDANE MAJORITY but on the other hand, if you are an evangelical believer, then I welcome you to the CONFIDED CALLING.

Not - get AFTER IT!

Now What?

The next step is by far the easiest and yet - the most difficult to execute on…

Here you go…

Make the decision…

Are you part of the Mundane Majority?


Are you part of the Confined Calling?

I respect your decision, but I will be confused if it’s anything but the latter.

Here for you always - we got this - TOGETHER!

Live with Intention,


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