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An Inevitable Implosion Combined with a Hidden Opportunity of a Lifetime

"Singles and doubles are the new unicorns." - JY

We live during one of the most fascinating times in human history over the past few years...

⭕ It's a time that will make or break most people.

⭕ It's a time that will yield monumental and historic wins and extreme and disappointing losses...

⭕ It's a time that will expose all truth, lead to massive vulnerabilities, and ensure that ulterior motives are dismantled and eliminated.

💥It's a time to be alive.💥

Two years ago, I had a calling - MAKE THE TECH INDUSTRY SAFE.

I did not know what this meant...

I did not know how to do it...

I did not know what it would look like…

But I was certain it needed to happen, and I was even more certain that I needed to catalyze it happening.

TOO many people suffer on their journey to launch a tech company…

TOO many people are taken advantage of…

TOO many people never start…

TOO many people are downright obliterated when they are trying to do something positive in the world…

So I committed to an undertaking that was and is NOT for the faint of heart where the odds would be stacked against me at all times, and the amount of pressure and responsibility would be debilitating on a good day.

The first person I called was Katie Monasmith, and I asked if she would lock arms with me as we attempted to prove that the impossible was not only probable but better...

→Let's build, scale, and sell 10,000 tech companies. ←

Originally I said in 10 years, but what I have learned is that the timeframe is irrelevant - the ONLY thing that matters is the impact.

But after asking Katie to join me, I shared something with her that is more relevant TODAY than it was two years ago...

🔥"Singles and doubles are the new unicorns." 🔥

For those who don't know, a unicorn is a company valued at over 1 billion dollars.

As of March 2023, CB Insights states there are over 1200 unicorns in the world - not that many - although it seems to be the ultimate aspiration of all.

I have since shared this statement with 100s of people...

🔥"Singles and doubles are the new unicorns." 🔥

And most disagreed until Friday.

With the collapse of SVB (Silicon Valley Bank), my statement has been validated.

✔️Artificial company valuation

✔️Irrational fundraising

✔️Lack of infrastructure

✔️Excessive hype

💣IS what will be EXPOSED!💣

More than ever before, entrepreneurs need to solve REAL problems, problems that everyday people and business owners experience - that produce REAL revenue because they produce REAL impact.

I have been inspired since the moment Project 10K was born nearly two years ago, but now I am more focused and certain than ever.

There is only ONE way to WIN in entrepreneurship, and for those who are involved in Project 10K as a team member, co-founder, shareholder, or advisor, the ONE WAY is ONE WORD, and it's...


I pray for those suffering because of the implosion of SVB, and I celebrate those who choose NOT to suffer and begin to build REAL value.

I am here for you - TOGETHER we will achieve more!


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