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An Untouchable Space

“You must find some motivation in money and when this motivation aligns with your mission you step into an untouchable space of becoming Money Motivated and Mission Driven.”

-Jared Yellin

Why has it become normal to have an estranged relationship with money?

Listen, I don’t believe it’s positive to ONLY be money motivated by any means, but I also believe that there is such value in valuing yourself enough to make a TON of money in your life.

I know many people who define themselves as servant leaders…

They don’t care for material items…

They don’t need a ton of money…

They don’t want certain life experiences…

And this is perfect as long as they make enough money to have their basic needs covered, but by no means is “Money the root of all evil.”

YES, there are plenty of horrific people with TONS of money.

YES, there are plenty of horrific people with MINIMAL money.

Money is only an amplifier of who you are…

If you are a creep, money will make you a rich creep.

If you are a wholesome human, money will make you a rich wholesome human.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with money and I air on the side of…


But there’s another variable that makes the money unstoppable…

And this is your mission…

Become Money Motivated and Mission Driven

I am in the very unique position to be exposed to 1,000s of people a year on a very intimate level when they pitch CILA Labs on their BIG tech idea.

The first criteria that is an absolute non-negotiable to progress to the point of becoming a Co-Founder with our company is the HUMAN.

Do their values align with our values?

Do their aspirations align with our aspirations?

Do their goals align with our goals?

And what we are NOT looking for are people who are ONLY money-motivated NOR do we want people who are ONLY mission-driven.

We strive to find people who have the burning desire to make a TON of money AND also do a TON of good in the world.

We want their mission to drive them and their wallet to motivate them…

YES, read this again please…

Let your MISSION drive you and your WALLET motivate you!

And if this sentence makes you uncomfortable…

Figure out why…

Do you NOT feel worthy of financial success?

Does your mission make you feel silly?

Do you feel like HAVING IT ALL is a pipe dream?

Anyone who knows me well is fully aware that my mission is my driving force in life, but I am also insanely motivated by money as well ONLY when it aligns with my mission.

This is the holy grail from my perspective and it’s also my hope for you.

PLEASE feel worthy of money.

PLEASE feel worthy of an audacious mission.

PLEASE feel worthy of having it all.

Let’s ROCK!

Live with Intention,

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