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Care About Everything And Care About Nothing

“The difference between success and failure lies in how much you care about what other people think…”

- Jared Yellin

I often share how I care about NOTHING and how I care about everything and a number of people said to me…(quick paraphrase)

“But how can you learn from the feedback of people if you don’t care…?”

I want to make sure this is super clear because I am confident that this is your breakthrough moment…

It’s not that I don’t care about feedback….


It’s that I don’t care about

Judgement… Cynics… Skeptics… Ego-driven people… Insecure folk…


I LOVE their feedback, but I don’t care about their opinion of ME because I always focus on my intent leading to a WIN-WIN-WIN.

And this is why I believe the difference between successes and failure lies in how much you care about what other people think.

If you REALLY care - you won’t get what you want.

Validation from outside sources is the fastest path to feeling… Less than what you are… Insecure and lacking confidence…

Questioning your ability to deliver on your product, service, mission, or cause…

So to tie this all together for you…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE FEEDBACK, but I absolutely don’t care about someone’s opinion of ME because I am clear on my intent and I encourage YOU to step into this frame as well…

GET CLEAR on your INTENT and then embrace your feedback so that you can learn and grow, but never allow the opinion of others to stop you from pursuing your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Live with Intention,


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