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ChangeMaker Ventures Is Here!

The First Network For Mission-Driven Humans Who Yearn To Connect With Like-Minded People While Benefiting From Early Investment Access To Some Of The Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

I am not sure how well you know me, but what I am known for is creating opportunities for people that might not have access to the resources, skills, network, etc. required to develop these opportunities on their own.

I have actually made this my life’s work and have launched many companies that have delivered on this exact commitment.

Let's Talk About SYNDUIT

“Mobilizing the message and mission of every small business owner from around the world with a single click of a button.”

SYNDUIT is a marketing software for small business owners that has democratized marketing agencies by making them cost less than $50/month for business owners who don’t have the resources or desire to invest $5,000+/month with a traditional agency. SYNDUIT has scaled to 10,000’s of business from around the world which has created an entirely new possibility for our users. Prior to SYNDUIT, Chiropractors, Coaches, Real Estate Professionals, Veterinarians, Naturopaths, Yoga Instructors, Financial Service Professionals and more were forced to either market on their own, outsource to an expensive agency, or do nothing. SYNDUIT has eliminated all three of these options and gave each of these industries (and others) an opportunity that has never existed before with what we call a Virtual Marketing Department.

Now, let’s shift focus to CILA Labs

“Come with your idea, leave with a vision.”

CILA Labs is a technology incubator for people with ideas. CILA is completely disrupting the space of technology because anyone with an idea can pitch us and if we believe in the person, we see value in the idea, we see a blue ocean of opportunity, and we see a path to get to market, we will PARTNER with this entrepreneur and Create, Innovate, Launch, and Accelerate this idea AT COST. We own a development company in India that is able to create meaningful tech solutions at 1/10th the investment when compared to alternative paths, but even more importantly, we are partners in this new company and we only win when our partner wins too. CILA has created an opportunity in tech unlike anything that has ever existed before because people come with an idea and they leave with a REAL vision and successful company.

Now, why am I writing this?

I had a very clear vision in 2013 to create a network of like-minded people consisting of corporate executives, health practitioners, small business owners, entrepreneurs, etc. who already achieved some level of success, but wanted to gain access to “something” that will enable them to never have to think about money again.

Let’s focus on previous success for a moment because this is a VERY important criteria for the network that showed up in my mind in 2013…

  • This network would not be for the seekers of the world, rather those who have found themselves, yet yearn for more.

  • This network would not be for the financially conservative, rather those who want to travel, learn, invest together all while building lifelong friendships.

  • This network would not be for the takers, rather those who yearn to establish win-win-win outcomes with all of their actions and investments.

The reason this network mattered to me is because I joined TONS of masterminds, accountability groups, attended dozens of seminars costing me $100,000’s and 1,000’s of hours and yet…

Never got what I really wanted…

Listen, I think Masterminds are AWESOME, I believe everyone should have an Accountability Group, and Seminars are wonderful for learning and meeting new people.

But here’s what I also know is true…

  • I’ve never met anyone who joined or attended any of these three opportunities and created a financial legacy that would span generations.

  • I’ve never met anyone who learned a skill from any of these three opportunities and made millions and millions of dollars.

  • I’ve never met anyone who was able to objectively measure the benefits associated with these three opportunities.

Yet, they are AMAZING and should be part of your life.

But for me…

I quit every Mastermind that I joined…

I left every Accountability group…

I stopped attending events…

And here’s why (although I still believe in all three of these opportunities)...

I was not joining to learn new skills

I was not joining to meet to people because I am able to do that through other mechanisms that are not as time-consuming

I WAS joining to gain access to something that did not exist which was an exclusive mechanism to create extraordinary levels of wealth.

And for the record…

I am NOT money motivated, I am EXTREMELY impact motivated, but I know that the less I need to think about MONEY, the more I can IMPACT!

One thing you will learn about me is that when I have an IDEA, I execute so insanely fast that it’s positively disturbing, but I did NOT execute in 2013 for two reasons.

The first reason I did not execute in 2013 is because I did not know how to measure that someone was already successful without being perceived as arrogant, greedy, or standoffish. I love people and I love helping people and the thought of saying NO to someone who wanted to join my network simply because they had not previously achieved success did not sit well, so, I wanted to find an objective way to measure success.

The second reason I did not execute in 2013 is because I wanted to find a way to offer exclusive investment opportunities to this network, above and beyond the connection, ideation, collaboration, and learning that would take place so that members would have the opportunity to invest a portion of their money into something that created the potential of never needing to think of money ever again. I was not sure how to deliver on this in 2013.

But this thought of a NETWORK of successful people, who are mission-driven, and want exclusive investment opportunities has been on my mind for 7 years and finally during the most unique year in human history, 2020, I figured it all out and launched ChangeMaker Ventures.

ChangeMaker Ventures solves the only two reasons why I did not execute in 2013…

#1 - I did not know how to measure that someone was already successful

You must be considered accredited which is an SEC rule meaning your network worth is $1,000,000+ (not including your primary home) and/or you earned at least $200,000/year for the past two years and expect to earn $200,000 in the current year (or $300,000 as a home).

#2 - I wanted to find a way to offer exclusive investment opportunitiesI wanted to find a way to offer exclusive investment opportunities

You will have the opportunity to make small investments into the coolest technology companies around and create the possibility of INSANE financial legacy.

Like I mentioned before, EVERYTHING I DO is based on giving people access to something that they can’t currently get on their own...

SYNDUIT gives access to a high-priced marketing agency inside of a software platform for $50/month.

CILA Labs gives access to a Tech Co-Founder who will create, innovate, launch, and accelerate any idea we believe can scale and make a difference.

ChangeMaker Ventures gives access to a NETWORK of successful people, who are mission-driven, and want exclusive investment opportunities in early stage tech startups which have limitless scale potential combined with the lowest level of risk you can find for this type of investment since each company is part of the CILA Labs portfolio.

I know 100’s of health professionals and 1,000’s of people just like you who don’t have access or awareness of each other AND are not given the opportunity to invest in early stage tech companies because you are not entrenched in the world of technology. And just so you know, tech investments MUST be part of your portfolio because they are the single greatest investment you can make for the legacy you are looking to build and leave behind.

You did not know about UBER in their angel investment round.

You did not know about ZYNGA when it was looking for its first $250,000 investment.

You did not know about TWITCH when the company was looking for a small investment to prove the concept.

But imagine if you did?!?!

The wealthiest people in the world invest in technology and here are just a few example:

  • If you had invested just $10,000 in Amazon, Dell, Apple, or Microsoft, when they went IPO, you’d be a million dollars richer just from that investment according to the IPO Playbook.

  • Dropbox initial funding was $15,000, followed by a $1.2 million now investment round and now the company is worth $16.8 billion.

  • After an initial developing cost of $5,600, Flipkart raised 1 million dollars in 2009. Ten years later, in 2018, Walmart acquired Flipkart for a whopping $16B.

And the list of tech success stories goes on and on and on…

You are probably thinking to yourself…

“Awesome Jared, but someone like me would never have the chance to invest in the next Amazon, Dropbox, Flipkart, etc.”

And you would be right, but not any longer because ChangeMaker Ventures will expose you to exclusive investment opportunities in early stage tech companies that are all owned by CILA Labs.

Plus, you will be exposed to the most fascinating developments in the most fascinating industry, technology, as a result of being part of ChangeMaker Ventures so whether you are a Chiropractor, Dentist, Landscaper, Contractor, Personal Trainer, Veterinarian, Corporate Executive, Investor, etc. you are going to be able to take what you learn during your time inside of ChangeMaker Ventures and directly apply it to your core business as well. The single greatest way to scale your main business is to begin thinking like a tech entrepreneur which will be a byproduct of the time we share inside of our NETWORK.

If this even remotely excites you, please continue reading and then say YES to joining our network because our motto is TOGETHER We Achieve More and we deliver on this in the following ways:

***Members will invest in meaningful tech opportunities together…***

Members introduce their families together…

Members will travel together…

Members will learn new skills for life and business together…

All four of the above should excite you, but #1 with all of the asterisks should light your fire because investing in tech is darn cool, has limitless upside potential, and you will learn more by being behind the scenes of a fast growing tech company than anywhere else.

I hope ChangeMaker Ventures satisfies your desire for mission, connection, and investment because we are building the most powerful network of like-minded humans on the planet who are committed to making the world a better place for themselves, their families, and future generations as well.

We currently have 100 Founding Member spots available where you will gain exclusive access to new investment opportunities at least 7 days prior to our other ChangeMakers AND your Founding Member rate of $2,500 is locked in for life, meaning your membership dues will never go up. To become a Founding Member, the membership fee must be paid by December 31, 2020. You will gain access to your membership benefits on January 1, 2021. I am positive these will fill before the end of 2020, so SAY YES and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Live with Intention,

PS: Since part of this network is TOGETHER Investing, you must be accredited which is an SEC Rule. Accredited means your net worth is at least $1,000,000 (not including your primary residence) or you earned at least $200,000 for the past 2 years and expect to earn that amount this year as well (or $300,000 as a family). There is ZERO EXPECTATION that you will invest in any of the tech opportunities that become available, but minimum investments will start at $10,000 for each opportunity available. You are welcome to join ChangeMaker Ventures even if you have no desire to invest, but you still must be accredited since we are regularly posting investment opportunities for our network to fund TOGETHER!

We recently had a webinar called...

The #1 Investment So That You Never Need To Think About Money Ever Again

Why Every Accredited Human Must Allocate A Portion Of Their Investment Portfolio Into Early Stage Technology


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