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Do What Others Don’t Even Think To Do

“I gained my edge during my 4 am workouts, calorie counting and 100% organic diet, zero alcohol or drugs, and hours a day immersed in personal development. My peers slept in, ate poorly, drank, and played video games.” - Jared Yellin

I always knew I was different.

I think my parents realized it pretty young too, because of the questions I would ask, the normalcy I would resist, the decisions I would make - it was pretty darn inevitable that I was destined for anything but normalcy.

And I really honor my parents for not trying to suppress this because resistance would have been futile, and the ONLY outcome would have been a very strained relationship.

They let me be ME!

Which seems obvious, but many parents go out of their way to try and fit their child into a box versus celebrating the fact that they are DIFFERENT.

And EVERY changemaker in HISTORY was different.

They saw the status quo and said—“FU** IT - I will create change.”

They did not care what anyone around them thought…

They did not care about what was normal or possible…

They did not care if they fell short…

They did not care about anything other than what they cared about!

And if you were wondering HOW I was different…

Here are just a few examples:

The Mullet

I had a mullet until I was 13 years old (comb-over in the front and partayyyyyyy in the back!), and I was MOCKED hard.

Listen, without risking sounding arrogant — I was by far the most popular person in school, but on the baseball field, when I was wearing a hat and had that partayyyyy in the back — the opposing team MOCKED me hard.

Just picture this…

I am on the pitcher's mound, and the opposition is chanting, “You are a girl. You are a girl. You are a girl,” 

And guess what I would do…


Amazing Animation

When I was in elementary and middle school, I was in a program called GOAL (Galaxy Of Advanced Learning), which was for creative kids. The curriculum was abominable - painfully boring - because every day was the exact same thing. 

We would sit at the computer for an hour on the same exact program. It was called Amazing Animations - and I promise you - it was everything but amazing.

So, it was time to make a change…

  • Step 1: I asked the teacher to change the curriculum — DENIED!

  • Step 2: I asked the principal of the school to change the curriculum — DENIED!

  • Step 3: I got every student in the entire program to sign a petition to change the curriculum — DENIED!

  • Step 4: I went into the library (where the class was held) during lunch break and dragged the program from the desktop to the recycle bin on EVERY computer and emptied the trash — VICTORY!


When I was a junior in High School, I was in an Honors English class.I was not the typical student and boy oh boy did the teacher not appreciate it.

Her name was Ms. Hade (literally and figuratively), and she could not stand me.

So much so that she accused me of plagiarism on a paper - which is a pretty significant offense - leading to a meeting with the head of the department, my guidance counselor, Ms. Hade, and my parents.

During this meeting, my dad asked Ms. Hade, ”Why did you accuse my son?” and her words were the following…

“The work is too good to be your son’s. Jared is a horrible writer.”

Well, I went on to publish 1,000s of pieces of work. Thanks Hade for the vote of confidence! 


I went to the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, but sitting in a classroom never felt like a good use of time for me, so I had an idea.

I was a natural bodybuilder in college, and my professors would ask me regularly for fitness advice, which was a lightbulb moment for me…

I decided to launch a personal training company for my business school professors, they would pay me, I would transform their health and life, and then would pass me without me going to class.

I ended up paying my way through college, never taking a final exam, actually learning real things from the professors who were previously entrepreneurs and metamorphosed many lives in the process.


My calling…

My focus…

My commitment…

Build, Scale, and Exit 10,000+ tech companies —- enough said!

Do What Others Don’t Think To Do

I am sure you have heard the saying…

Do what others won’t do.

But that’s not enough…

The key is to do what others DON’T THINK to do.

This is where you gain the edge…

This is where you separate yourself…

This is where you step into the land of the legends…

This is where you create change that lasts for generations…

There is no shame in being normal - unless - you are abnormal (like me), and then there is a shame in suppressing who you are and who you are meant to become. 

6 Ways To Gain The Edge Amidst All Of The Mockery Of The Normalcy

I still get mocked to this day.

I know people talk about me behind my back.

I know people question my priorities when I am not around.

I know people doubt what I am capable of.

And do you know what I also know…

I freaking love it!

I love that people don’t believe in me.

I love that people don’t think what I am doing is possible.

I love that people don’t comprehend my commitment to ALL.

Bring it on because what I also know is this…

I have the EDGE, and here’s how…

1 - Stop caring about what anyone thinks that does not have what you desire.

This one strategy will set you free because I guarantee the loudest voice with the most opinions in your life DOES NOT have what you desire.

They challenge your health decisions — yet they are fat!

They question your work ethic — yet they are poor!

They criticize your relationship — yet they are single or in a bad marriage!

Before you accept the opinions of others, just take one moment and look at them and really audit…


And 99.99999% of the time - they won’t - SOOOO…

Why in hell will you listen to them or even remotely care about what they have to say?!

2 - Commit to AND versus OR.
















Most people live a life of OR where they pick and choose what they will focus on - I don’t buy it - and instead, I keep ADDING when ADDING will get me closer to my outcome faster.

Because I am not going to live a life where I pick and choose what I experience.


I am going to simply HAVE IT ALL, and when you operate from AND versus OR, you gain a complete competitive EDGE versus everyone else! 

3 - One more is always better.

This is one of the many lessons I learned from having such a disinclined fitness routine for over 25 years now…

ONE more is always better!

ONE more rep.

ONE more call.

ONE more kiss.

ONE more I love you.

ONE more piece of broccoli.

ONE more minute on intentionality.

ONE more is always better — because ONE MORE stacks…

And all of a sudden when you commit to ONE MORE across all disciplines in your life at the end of each year - you have 365 MORE!

And guess what everyone else has…

365 LESS!

4 - When you are surrounded by normalcy, commit to not becoming one.

I will never forget the moment when normalcy made me nauseous.

I was standing in a bar at Indiana University called Kilroy’s Sports.

There were 1,000s of people in the large space. All of which were blitzed.

They were sweaty…

They were falling over themselves…

They were incoherent…

They were not present…

They were NORMAL!

This was completely normal behavior for the environment.

And I am NOT judging anyone at all.

BUT, what I will tell you is this…

I put my drink down.

I left the bar.

I walked home.

I grabbed my computer.

I lit a candle.

I wrote a poem.

Some would call this weird.

I say THANK YOU for the compliment.


5 - Schedule every minute of every day and never negotiate against yourself.

I schedule my sleep.

I schedule my food prep.

I schedule my time with my kids.

I schedule my immersion with my wife.

I schedule my gym.

I schedule my meals.

I schedule my personal development.

I schedule every minute of the working day.

I schedule my content creation.

I schedule my follow-up.

I leave NOTHING to chance – ever!



YES, it’s super intense.


YES, everything gets done!

Once something hits your schedule - don’t negotiate with it - your schedule must always win.

Don’t hit snooze.

Don’t move a task.

Don’t re-prioritize for the wrong reasons.

Don’t move the hard.

Just commit to your schedule - 110% of the time, and guess what - you will gain the edge. 

6 - Set improbable goals and get further than your possible and fall short of the insurmountable.

Nothing about your goals should ever be realistic.

Add a zero to them…

I mean it.

If your goal is to impact 1,000 lives in your community.

Make it 10,000.

If your goal is to make $1,000,000 in a year.

Make it $10,000,000

If your goal is to spend an extra 1 hour each week with your kids…

Make it 10 hours

Here's what will happen.

You will probably fall short.

BUT you will get SIGNIFICANTLY further than your probable goal.

Because even if you fall short by 50% (which is considered to be a BIG MISS), you are still 50% ahead of where you would have been, which means - YOU HAVE THE EDGE!

Now What?

If you are DIFFERENT — BE YOU!

If you have a child who is DIFFERENT — LET THEM BE THEM!

I can’t express how important it is to NEVER suppress what makes you, YOU!

Because the ONLY way you will have a mid-life crisis is if you look in the mirror and you forget who you truly are and what you ultimately desire to become.

This is why the creed of my entire life has been…


You got this - I know you do - let’s roll.


Live with Intention,


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