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Do You Really Want To Pay Zucks?

“Running ads to build your business is the single most suboptimal way to grow and by far the most competitive.” - Jared Yellin

I am absolutely not writing this article to be a contrarian…

I am not writing this article to get your attention…

I am not writing this article to prove you wrong and prove myself right…

But I am writing this article from a place of TRUTH with a clear intention…

I want you to optimize your ability to succeed.

Right now, running ads to build your business is ineffective, financially wasteful, and all red ocean, which means HIGHLY competitive.


Which is the EXACT reason why you should NOT…

The majority of businesses and startups I have supported over the years have said that the most significant source of frustration is the amount of money and time they waste trying to crack the code on BUYING sales.

YES, BUYING sales means you are running ads and the majority of the people who click on your ad will NOT purchase, but your hope and desire is that your cost-per-acquisition provides you with a strong return on your investment OR at least enough resources to continue to buy sales.

Personally, I think running ads is the lazy path to scale your business and the irony is that it does not scale your business. There is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of businesses that can actually scale by running ads and everyone else just burns through cash OR they break even at best.

So, what should one do?!?!

Well, before I go into the TOP TEN things you should do that are FARRRRR better than paying Mr. Mark Zuckerberg for horrible placement on Facebook, which happens to be a platform that picks and chooses what it wants to showcase, but charges you anyway…

Here’s a great example of NOT buying sales…

SYNDUIT, one of our SaaS companies, has scaled to thousands and thousands of users and ZERO of these users signed up because of ads.


We ran one ad years ago with me holding a cucumber and eating it as a joke - literally -ZERO ad spend and 1,000’s of users paying for our software every month for many years now.

A mutli-million dollar business that pays ZERO dollars to Zuckberg or Google or any platform where you need to PAY to PLAY.

How did we do it?!?!


There has been a strategy that has withstood the test of time before Facebook, Google, Instagram, or any other platform that we can’t imagine not having access to.

This strategy is one we are all born with…

This strategy is one that everyone enjoys…

This strategy is one that we would do even if it was not a strategy to build our business…

This strategy is called RELATIONSHIPS!

RELATIONSHIP building is something we are born with…

On Thanksgiving this year, we went to a nice restaurant that was serving thematic food along with their normal steakhouse menu. After the meal, we took a walk around the beautiful plaza and a random 5 year old girl approached my daughter and said, “My name is Sally, want to be friends?”

And what happened - Taylee (my daughter) and Sally (random young girl) became “best friends” that night.

YES, we are born with the ability to build relationships.

RELATIONSHIP building is something everyone enjoys…

Even people who identify with being introverted enjoy building relationships; they just do it differently than someone who identifies with being an extrovert BUT everyone seeks pleasure from it. And not just some pleasure...immense pleasure. Just think about a time when you felt connected with someone that you just met. It was like the world stopped and the two of you were fully immersed together. I can only guess that the satisfaction from relationship building far exceeds that of paying Mark Zuckerberg a ton of money for an ad that does not perform.

Hmmm, ponder that one and…

YES, everyone enjoys building relationships.

RELATIONSHIP building is something we would do even if it was not a strategy to build our business...

This goes without question because it’s already happening in your life. There are plenty of relationships you have and pursue where there is zero business benefit associated with progressing each of these dynamics forward AND you do it because it brings satisfaction and a sense of connection. I have always told entrepreneurs to pursue something that you would do if money was NOT the means of exchange. What this statement means is get after things that you enjoy and since I am certain that you enjoy relationship building, then I am positive that you would do it even if the outcome was not to build your business.

YES, everyone would build relationships even if it was not the strategy to build their business!

Once again, this is irrefutable - 100% of the businesses would see exponentially better growth if they put whatever budget that they were spending on Facebook into their relationship capital - this I GUARANTEE!

My Top Ten List Of Relationship Capital Exercises

Now that I have convinced you that running ads sucks and relationship building rocks, you are probably wondering exactly what you should do, so here are my top ten actions I take that have allowed me to scale SYNDUIT very quickly along with all of my other ventures as well…

1 - Scroll or Stroll

This means scroll through your phone and/or take a stroll in your community and document each relationship or business you want to connect with.

2 - WIN-WIN Or No Win

If I am unclear on how to make the other party WIN, then I don’t stop inquiring and digging until this becomes obvious.

3 - Work My Relationship Capital Tree

I invest 30 minutes EVERYDAY sending text messages, voice texts, and emails to people that pop into my head just to acknowledge that the universe has told me to reach out.

4 - Monthly Webinars With A Partner

I host monthly webinars of a variety of topics and I always invite a high-leverage relationship to join me for the experience.

5 - Monthly Dinners

I will invite someone to dinner (one on one) each month with the goal of completely understanding how they got to where they are, what motivates them, and their ultimate goal.

6 - Hail Marys

I spend a few hours a week searching for new connections where I can establish a WIN-WIN and then I send a video email to each person explaining why we should speak.

7 - Relevant Direct Messages

I am very selective on groups I join on various social platforms and if I find a member of a common group to be philosophically aligned I reach out to schedule a call and they ALWAYS do.

8 - I Am Interesting Because I Am Genuinely Interested…

I always have something that is interesting to share because I am deeply interested in the other person so when I share something it is always relevant.

9 - Local Networking Groups

Join your BNI Chapter, Chamber, and/or create your own local group of like-minded people.

10 - Annual Marketing Plan

Build a 12-month plan so that you always have something to talk about, invite people to, and develop access points for others to enter your world.

Just so you know - I have dozens of things I do that DON’T involve paying for sales and my entire budget is invested into people because I would RATHER pay an affiliate commission to someone I enjoy then write a check to Mark Zuckerberg for running suboptimal ads on Facebook.

You can adamantly disagree with me but I challenge you to give it a shot and let me know which path performs better…




The battle of the best way to grow, scale, serve, and have FUN!

Live with Intention,


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