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For You vs. To You?

For The First Time In History, Everyone Will Have A Common Chapter In Their Memoir


It’s almost like overnight the entire world was shut down, in a state of frenzy, and consumed by this virus that was not completely understood, yet claimed to be more dangerous than anything we have experienced in our lifetime.

I am not going to debate what’s real versus what the media is contorting, but what I am going to do is help you see how ALL of this is happening FOR YOU, NOT TO YOU!

Because, for the first time in history, every person on the planet will have a common chapter in their memoir.

But what’s not as common is how they will USE this opportunity to serve them or become a disservice to them…

Will you thrive?


Will you suffer?

Will you be an advocate?


Will you be a victim?

I have heard (and even know) countless people that are waiting on the government to bail them out from this mess AND I know a handful of people who are seizing this opportunity and DRAMATICALLY accelerating forward.

Which will you be?

Here’s A Fun Assignment - I Did It Already BTW!

Write COVID chapter NOW … AS IF!

What’s the title?

Where was your life when COVID began?

Where is your life now that COVID is done?

What can people learn from your COVID experience?

These are the four questions for this chapter of your memoir and I encourage you to literally answer them now as if you are writing your book.

Here’s my chapter for you:

COVID Stalled The World, But Accelerated ME!

When COVID began, I had an equity position in a sales training and coaching company and realized that this opportunity was not serving me which meant that I was unable to serve the world at the highest level. I decided that it would be best for me to sell my position and move onward, which from anyone's perspective might have seemed to be an irrational decision, but from mine, it was exactly what I needed to do in order to have the type of impact I desire in the world while creating the level of FREEDOM for myself and my family which is my non-negotiable.

I used my newfound time to launch CILA which is a technology incubator where we build software solutions with non-tech partners who have the vision for technology changing their industry, their community, or even the world and we do this at COST. CILA has exploded and we have dozens of portfolio companies - all of which - have disruptive products and will make lives better.

For some reason, I LOVE challenges.

Maybe this is because the majority of my life has been riddled with them OR maybe I was put on this planet to help people see through their challenges and I have taken this responsibility very seriously. Regardless of why I love the craziness associated with difficult times, I will never forget when COVID stalled the world, but accelerated ME!

Nearly every business stopped…


Made excuses…

Yearned to be bailed out…

Invested more time on PPE than growing their business.


In the meantime, I seized the opportunity to do what others were not allowing themselves to think about…

I started by assessing my network and eliminating what was not serving me so I had more space for what would accelerate me and my mission.

I then organized my relationships on an extremely deep level so that I was hyper aware of what each person needed and how I would be able to help them get to where they wanted to go. I realized that the loudest and most valuable voice would win during COVID and I was on a mission to make my voice linger in the mind and spirit of each person I decided to touch. This became a 20-minute mining my relationship exercise that happens EVERYDAY of the week and these 20-minutes have produced $100,000’s of immediate new business and will grow exponentially to millions of new opportunities for each person involved.

I also became accurately aware of the desire for a UNIT which is 5 people in a group where each is clear on your vision and each person is motivated to achieve their own outcome while helping the other members of the UNIT hit their targets as well. This is a more efficient version of a mastermind and my UNIT has become a seismic asset in my life.

Finally, I launched the FREEDOM MOVEMENT because this is EXACTLY what people should strive for in their lives. FREEDOM is most certainly a subjective concept, but what’s objective is the fact that EVERYONE wants their version of it. The key is to define what FREEDOM means to you and then to take daily action - even if it seems small - towards creating this outcome. The FREEDOM MOVEMENT is a group of 1,000’s of mission-driven people, entrepreneurs, and business owners who are committed to NOT settling.

What I want people to realize is that EVERY challenge that emerges in your life is happening FOR YOU and NOT TO YOU. I know it might not appear that way on the surface, but when you allow yourself to dig deeper into the meaning of what just transpired, you will SEE it and once you do - HARNESS THE HECK out of this energy so that you can accelerate your life forward versus holding onto the pieces of the past.

Here are seven immediate actions you can take - all of which I have done during COVID and after COVID - that will radically change your business and life because that’s exactly what should happen during challenging times IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

1 - People are easier to connect with than ever before

The number of people that I used to have scheduling issues with because they travelled 80% of their lives was the norm, but the new norm is EASY access and these “busy” people are yearning for meaningful work to collaborate with on.

Action for you: Get out of your head and start reaching out

2 - Use your new schedule to your advantage

If you have always wanted to do something (______________________ fill in the blank), now’s your time! You have more flexibility in your calendar so allow your goals, aspirations, visions, etc. to find a consistent place in your schedule even if it's only for a few minutes a day. For me, I have allocated 7-9:30am each day as my creative time and it has been extraordinary.

Action for you: Get clear on ONE thing you have always wanted to do and your excuse was TIME and DO IT!

3 - Get rid of the old and make room for the NEW

Are there groups or networks you are in that are simply not serving you, but you don’t know how to eliminate them? Well, what better time than NOW! Your hours in your days are the only asset that matters and if you continue to invest them into things that are not projecting you forward, then you are being thrown backwards because there is only one of two ways you can travel. So, use this time to recalibrate and assess what is serving you and what is a disservice to you. Plus, you are one email, one video, or one direct message from the network or group that will uplevel your entire life and NOW is the time to reach for it.

Action for you: Eliminate your lowest performing network or group and replace it with one that feels out of reach.

4 - Depth versus Width with your relationship capital

Every person on the planet is one relationship away from a positive explosion, but if their relationships are not organized, then, they are leaving this ultimate outcome to chance. I always tell people that every action requires an intention because an action without an intention will lead to a result without an achievement. Results are by chance and achievements are by choice. Sooo…

Make your relationship capital expansion and contraction VERY intentional - now is the time. I would never lead you astray. Now is YOUR time.

Start by categorizing each relationship WHILE thinking about what you can do to help each person achieve their desired outcome will become the greatest asset in your business so that you can create WIN - WIN outcomes by directing the relationship in the direction that each person yearns for.

Action for you: Catalyze a daily ritual of mining and organizing relationships in order to serve the relationship so that every relationship gets exactly what it needs as you do as well from each relationship.

5 - You have everything you need, but it’s pretty darn cool when you unite with others who share this belief but want MORE!

Let’s stop focusing on the number of followers you have, and instead, let’s put our intention and attention on depth versus width. I would take someone with 4 extremely deep relationships before someone with 400,000 surface levels “followers” any day. Challenging times call for UNITY, but not with just anyone, rather, with people who have a vision for MORE and the drive to make their vision REAL. Imagine being in a weekly cadence with 4 other people like this - and of course you must also show up with as much umph that you expect of them to- how would your world dramatically change for the good? Yes, you have all you need to get all you want, but having a UNIT will make the journey more enjoyable.

Action for you: Hand-select your UNIT of 5 total people including YOU!

6 - Step in your legendary right here, right now and boldly lead your movement!

People yearn to feel like they are part of something. A place where they belong, a place where they feel comfortable, and a place where they are growing. They will either choose your movement, if you declare it and then follow-through, or they will choose to be part of something different. Where do you feel they will benefit most?

Action for you: Declare your movement and back your declaration with consistent, integrity-filled, and disruptive energy. Launch your Facebook or LinkedIn group.

7 - Perfection is your excuse to fall short.

During trying times, you don’t have time to wait for the storm to pass and for the PERFECT moment to take action. You must create your perfect by committing to seismic and uncomfortable action. Each time I am faced with adversity, I double down and get even more intense with a monomicial focus and an attitude which states...I only have one plan - it’s plan A.

Action for you: Do ONE thing each day that moves you from A to B.

Did You Enjoy My Chapter? I Do Have More For Ya!

I have a calling right now and I also have a feeling that maybe, just maybe, I can help you.

The world is downright bizarre right now.

Rather unsettling…

There is a chance that my daughter and son will need to wear masks at their preschool - COME ON! (we will be homeschooling btw if this happens!)

But with all of this insanity, there are also massive and seismic opportunities to accelerate your business, mission, or cause but you need one thing…

I call it Your NLUM Gameplan which happens to be a practical and tactical strategy that I have shared with my team for years.

Now, I want to share it with you.


Pretend like you hired me as a consultant for your business for $10k+/month…

That’s what this experience is…

It’s a strategy session with me for FREE and I have LITERALLY NOTHING TO SELL!

I did not SYNDUIT

I did not sell a course.

I did not sell ANYTHING!

I created this experience because I know I can and I know I must.

Far too many businesses are just waiting and waiting and hoping and hoping and yes, there have been some improvements, which is why it’s the time to double down and get after it.

During this strategy session we dug VERY deeply into the following and more:

Expand Your Network

Build Your List

Establish Your Unit

Catalyze A Movement

ZERO hype…

ZERO theory…

ZERO anything other than immediate action.

Here is what you will get for free with zero upsells - like NOTHING to sell!

🔥90+ Minute Recording Of The Live Strategy Session

💪NLUM Gameplan Presentation

🔥Implementation Guide

1,000’s have gone through this process = 100’s have implemented = now it’s your turn!

Take a look here:

Live with Intention,

Jared Yellin


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