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Go Faster

“Speed in life is a necessary evil, but notice necessary comes wayyyy before evil because without speed I can assure you there will be a sense of something missing as you hold onto the safe harbor of your known and let your breakthrough remain out of reach.”

- Jared Yellin

People tell me I’m crazy…

People tell me to slow down…

People even tell me to stop…

And guess what I have to say to these people…

Speed the FREAK up because I can assure you that I will lap you dozens of times as you hold on to the safe harbor of your known and your breakthrough remains out of reach.

Listen, my speed is not a competitive thing AT ALL. I am not voracious with the goal of beating you or anyone else. It’s the result of being exposed to divorced parents at a very young age, which was the greatest gift of my life because what I gained from my pain is my catalyst as a human.

Here’s an article that delves into my need for speed a bit.

But this article is about YOUR need for speed.

I promise you that being complacent will NOT get you what you want in life…

I guarantee that standing still will NOT get you closer to your goals…

I am certain that your step by step way of progressing is not fast enough…

And yes - SPEED is a NECESSARY evil!

Let’s break this down and then let’s SPEED the FREAK up!

Necessary + Evil

Speed is NECESSARY before it’s deemed EVIL because the lack of speed gives you an out.

I have seen this time and time again but the slower you go the easier it is to stop.

Think about it like this…

When you first started riding a bike, if you went REALLY slowly, you had a hard time balancing AND it was also easy to jump off unscathed, which is why it might have taken you a long time to learn.

Versus, if you jumped into SPEED mode, your balance would not be an issue because you would HAVE to balance as you would not easily be able to get off of the bike.

SPEED is necessary and it applies to EVERY area of your life…








You name it - SPEED is NECESSARY for your decisions and for your actions.

Here’s what I tell my team…

1 - Decide FAST

2 - Act even FASTER

3 - Fix what did not work FASTEST!

4 - Get what you set out to get

This is why SPEED is necessary because the alternative looks like this…

1 - Decide slowing

2 - Never act

3 - Have nothing to fix

4 - Get nowhere!

Let’s look at the EVIL part and then I will share how I step into SPEED…

YES, there could be EVIL to speed.

YES, getting out of control is EVIL.

YES, being impulsive has an EVIL outcome.

When I said earlier - DECIDE FAST - this does not say DECIDE IMPULSIVELY - it says FAST!

Speed CAN be evil if you are unintentional with the speed and not thoughtful with the speed.

Intention and thoughtfulness supercede the need for SPEED but SPEED is right on the heels of intention and thoughtfulness.

Please read this again…

SPEED is right on the heels of intention and thoughtfulness.

What this says is why SPEED is necessary…

What this DOES NOT say is…

SPEED is miles behind a ton of thinking.

But just to make sure this is clear for any of the critics who are more monotonous with their “SPEED,” the only evil that will ever show up is when SPEED is met with unintentional action and a lack of thoughtfulness.

Here’s How I Deploy Speed…

Speed for me is an insane asset, competitive advantage, and the reason I have what I want…

Step 1 - Get Crystal Clear On Your CODE

“Some have defined their values, but few have programmed their CODE. Your values are what you believe while your CODE is how you live.” - Jared Yellin

Step 2 - What Outcome Is My Plan A

“The fastest way to NOT get your Plan A which is your ideal outcome is to come up with a Plan B which is your compromised outcome.” - Jared Yellin

Step 3 - Before Taking Any Action - Run It Through Your Intention

“Every action requires an INTENTION

Because an action WITHOUT intention…

Leads to a result without an achievement.

Achievements are by CHOICE

Results are by CHANCE


- Jared Yellin

Step 4 - Honest Assessments As You Continue Taking Action

“Never stop and assess your outcome, rather assess as you are moving in the direction of your outcome and course correct if needed. Imagine if an airplane stopped as it was assessing its whereabouts. I definitely would NOT want to be on that plane.” - Jared Yellin

Step 5 - Speed Up As You Gain Momentum

“The moment you know you are on the right track for your ideal outcome is the moment you go full throttle with reckless abandonment.” - Jared Yellin

My secret piece of advice is this…

NEVER let someone who DOES NOT have what you want in their LIFE tell you to slow down.


You have a choice to make…




I will only see you if you speed up and if you don’t I respect your decision…

Onward and upward!

Live with Intention,


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