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Make Decisions ASAP

“The more precision you bring to your decisions, the less decisions you will make, and you will get precisely what’s expected by not making a decision.” - Jared Yellin

I have heard the following…

  • You are impulsive

  • You make decisions too quickly

  • You made a bad decision

And each time someone utters these comments at me the person typically does not have what they want in life, and they would rather perseverate due to their fear of making the wrong decision.

But their fear is not actually a fear – rather –  it’s derived from a lack of clarity around their VALUES, NON-NEGOTIABLES, and GOALS.  

Whereas, my “impulsive” nature has nothing to do with making decisions off the cuff but rather an extremely deep level of clarity of my values, non-negotiables, and goals, which I revisit and refine daily. 

Here are my values:





Here are my non-negotiables:

T - Take 100% Responsibility

O - Opportunistic at all Times

G - Generous as the Default

E - Engaged on All Levels

T - Thankful for the Journey

H - Habits Drive Results

E - Experiment RelentlesslyR - Resilient in the Face of Adversity

Here are my goals (at least a few of them):

  • Exponentially improve my relationship with my children and wife each day due to my commitment to full immersion.

  • Have financials that enable our family to do whatever we want, as often as we want, without ever asking CAN I and only declaring I CAN.

  • Eliminate pain and suffering in early-stage entrepreneurship by acquiring, scaling, and exiting 10,000+ tech companies.

  • Maintain the energy levels of a 20-year-old for the remainder of my life by committing to a healthy lifestyle across all areas.

  • Build a company that becomes the example of a growth culture where other organizations adopt our processes and systems to ensure every team member is developing or leaving. 

  • And my list goes on and on!

CLARITY Makes Decision Making EASY

The clearer you are, the easier it is to make decisions quickly, and the quicker you are able to make decisions, the less energy you waste, the less time you lose, and the greater the feedback loop becomes.

But the only way to gain clarity is to commit to establishing, reminding, and refining your values, non-negotiables, and goals. 

And what’s important to realize is that anyone who has accomplished something you desire has simply made more decisions than you.

I don’t believe anyone is born with god-given talent…

I don’t believe anyone naturally has the edge…

I don’t believe anyone is predetermined to succeed…

Anyone who has anything has simply made more decisions than YOU.

And even if a decision did not turn out the way they had hoped — they simply make another decision, but the second decision had more data than the first. 

This is why decision-MAKING matters – because even if you did not achieve your desired outcome, you are still in a better position than thinking about making the decision, which does not collect anything that makes decision-making easier or more predictable.

It’s also important to realize that making a decision does NOT mean you are going to say yes or take action - your decision might be the exact opposite - but at least you are not thinking about making a decision that will consume your energy in a state of perseveration. 

But I get it, if you grew up in a home that over-analyzed every decision, then that’s probably your natural state as well, but similarly to the person who is overweight because they were raised in an unhealthy home but eventually committed to change — you need to as well, and here’s how!

5 Realizations That Will Help You Make Decisions ASAP

Realization 1: There is no such thing as decision fatigue, rather fatigue by thinking too much about what decision you should just make.

For your sake, stop using the excuse of decision fatigue and realize it’s far more exhausting sitting in decision-making mode than just making the decision. And like I mentioned before, making a decision does NOT mean you are deciding to do something – it might be the opposite - but at least you are not spinning your wheels, wasting energy, and becoming exhausted. 

I promise you – NO ONE – has ever gotten tired by making too many decisions. 

Decision-making is freeing, liberating, and will alleviate stress! 

Realization 2: For as long as you are breathing oxygen, you can decide your way out of any “bad” decision.

No decision is ever finite or fatal, which means even if you make a decision and the outcome is not what you desire, it’s really easy to “fix it…”


And the sooner you make the decision, the better so that you don’t remain in a sub-optimal state.

In 2021/2022, my family and I decided to move from Naples, FL to Miami for a very exciting business partnership I established. It made more sense to rent a home because we never lived in Miami before, and we also did not know if this would be a one-year adventure or something more permanent. 

Each home was extremely expensive because the demand in Miami during this time was off-the-charts, and the first home was shockingly poor, which led to us breaking the lease after 48 hours when an independent inspector did a review of the home and deemed it “unlivable.” We then moved to a beautiful home in Boca Raton but kept our children in a private school in Miami, which proved too difficult due to the traffic, so we broke the lease again and relocated to a brand new home in Coral Gables. We were very optimistic this home would meet the needs of our family until we met the next-door neighbor who had a terrible criminal record that violated our feelings of safety, so we broke another lease and moved to a high-rise in Edgewater where we lasted one month because the building reeked of marijuana 24/7. Each time we broke a lease, we had to pay fines, pack, put down a deposit, hire movers, unpack, etc. Keep in mind, we had a 5 and 3-year-old, and my wife was pregnant too. 

From the outside looking in, these looked like bad decisions, but for us – they were just decisions, and they required more decisions until we found our optimal location, which met our non-negotiables for our quality of life. 

REMEMBER – NO decision is finite or fatal unless you stop making decisions, and if a decision does not yield your desired outcome - then just make another decision - ASAP!

Realization 3: A bad decision is always better than no decision.

I know this might be contrary to public opinion, but since most of the public does not have what you want, I recommend not listening to their opinion. When the lack of decision-making becomes habitual for you, you remain completely stuck in your current circumstance, and if your current circumstance is not what you desire, why do you think remaining stuck serves you?

YES, there is a really good chance the decision you make will not yield what you want.

YES, there will be people who say, “I told you so.”

YES, there could be lost time or lost money if the decision is “bad.”

AND all of the above is better than making no decision. 

Because making NO DECISION will become your norm, and there will be a point in your life where a decision HAS to be made - it will be critical!  And if you have never exercised this muscle, you will cave under the pressure even though you will have no choice but to make a decision.

So, start now, and if for any reason you don’t get your desired outcome when making a decision, default to realization #2 from above.

Realization 4: You must realize that as you perseverate, someone who wants what you desire is making a decision.

I get it – you are not competitive, so you don’t care about anyone other than yourself, but maybe you should start to care.

If you are perseverating on falling in love – realize – the person you are meant to fall in love with might end up falling in love with someone else as you spin your wheels. 

If you are perseverating on launching a business - realize - your greatest competition is making decisions daily and creating a wedge between where you are and where they are going.

If you are perseverating on moving to your dream location - realize - someone else is making a decision and going to take your home from you.

I promise - when you are perseverating because of the FEAR of making a decision - someone else is not, and they will have whatever it is you want, so it’s time to get a bit more competitive and to make a decision – ASAP!

Realization 5: Every hope, desire, and dream is just one decision away.

Your love…

Your health…

Your dream…

Your freedom…

Is just ONE decision away from where you are right now.

And this - in and of itself - should motivate you to keep making decisions until you GET IT.

Because if you only have one life to live – then why allow yourself to NOT have your ALL?

Now What?

The ball is completely in your court right now.

If perseverating has led you to have the life you desire, then continue to perseverate.


If you don’t have the life you want, and you believe it’s because you perseverate, then maybe it’s time to MAKE A DECISION ASAP!

Far too many people use the word precision and decision synonymously but I can’t even begin to express how your desire for PRECISE DECISIONS is the reason you don’t have what you want.

I get it…

You wish you had a crystal ball that helped you see the future in order to ensure that the decision you are about to make is the right one, but the best way to predict the future is to create it, and the only way to create it is if you make a decision.

You have nothing to lose by giving everything in this article a shot, but you have a TON to lose if you continue to spin your wheels in a constant state of perseveration, which is preventing you from having what you ultimately desire.

The choice is yours - and the best way to begin making decisions - is to decide to make decisions.

Use this article as your catalyst — I believe in you!

Live with Intention,


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