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Mediocrity Is Running Rampant

"Stop settling for mediocrity because the moment you raised your hand to step into entrepreneurship, was the moment you declared you will eliminate all mediocre you see.”

- Jared Yellin

Your goal as an entrepreneur MUST be to eliminate mediocrity from society…

That’s truly what entrepreneurship is all about.

Finding the inefficiencies which lead to mediocrity and then eliminating each…

Mediocre health - MUST GO!

Mediocre finances - MUST GO!

Mediocre processes - MUST GO!

Mediocre organization - MUST GO!

Mediocre relationship - MUST GO!

Mediocre project management - MUST GO!

Mediocre experiences - MUST GO!

Mediocre everything - MUST GO!

And the more MEDIOCRE you can eliminate from the lives of people…

The more impact you make…

The more money you earn...

The lives you transform…

This is entrepreneurship!

It’s the reason I keep on keeping on with all of my ventures because I know the outcome once a venture reaches maximum velocity…

MEDICORE is eliminated and FREEDOM is born!

But there is only ONE way this will actualize for you as an entrepreneur…

You MUST rise from mediocrity in any area where mediocrity exists because mediocre represents THE anchor that will hold you back.

I know countless people that have mediocre health OR processes OR relationships OR experiences OR etc. and as a result have mediocre results as entrepreneurs…

Please read this carefully…

ANY area that is mediocre in your life will be the reason you don’t experience your full potential in life, which directly impacts your ability to reach maximum velocity as an entrepreneur.

But here’s the coolest part from my experience…

You DON’T need to solve all of your mediocrity, but you DO need to be aware of it and do something about it in order for your acceleration in all areas of life to become optimal.

Awareness is the first step…

But doing something about what you are now aware of is the key…

Create a game plan to go from A to B in any mediocre area and as you are executing on your evolution away from mediocre, begin to document what works and what does not work because some of the greatest ideas in history were born from people eliminating their own mediocrity and then realizing that this exact mediocrity was a plague impacting millions of other people.

SLACK Is The Perfect Example…

SLACK is a tech company that was just purchased by for $27+ billion dollars and the story of SLACK is extremely interesting because SLACK was built to eliminate mediocrity.

There was a video game company that needed an internal chat software and every 3rd party that existed did NOT deliver. So, the video game company decided to solve its own mediocre communication challenge by building a chat platform. The video game company ended up failing, but SLACK went on to become a massive financial unicorn.

WHY should this excite you?

SLACK was only born out of necessity.

It was the result of eliminating communication mediocrity.

And as the founders created this solution, they realized the problem existed with millions of other people.

SLACK became a BILLION dollar exit because it solved a BILLION dollar mediocrity that the founders only developed because of their own mediocrity that needed to be solved.

I hope this lands for you because as you are eliminating the mediocrity in your life you might just stumble on your next big idea.

And at the very least - mediocrity will be eliminated which is a MASSIVE win for whatever you are looking to achieve in life and business.

So, Now What?

It’s called open and honest assessment time!

Open and honest assessment time is where you look yourself in the mirror and you are open and honest.

You speak your mediocrity out loud.

You convey the inefficiencies in your life.

You commit to rising above.

Remember, AWARENESS is the first step and EXECUTION is what will eliminate the mediocrity that is 100% holding you back from the life and business of your dreams.

Many people believe that they must compromise which is the source of their mediocrity, but the reality is that the reason they are where they are is because they don’t value who they are and as a result settle for mediocrity in their health, life, career, finances, etc.

Mediocrity smells!

Mediocrity is not fun!

Mediocrity stifling!

Mediocrity is limiting!

Mediocrity is truly why you don’t have what you want, but if you are committed to getting what you know you want and deserve then it’s time to RISE UP, RISE ABOVE, and ELIMINATE the mediocrity that is holding you back.

So, are you ready?

Are you committed?

Let’s do this!

Live with Intention,


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