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Misalignment of values is the single reason why ideas fail…

50% of what I wanted

Final invoice of $1.5m

Yup - that is what happened on month 10 of working with a software development company to build the first version of SYNDUIT in 2013!

Can you imagine?

$1.5m over the budget of $750,000 PLUS, 50% of what I expected AND what we documented and agreed on!

A case of misalignment of values.

This is why I launched CILA Labs with some EPIC people…

Many industries have poor reputations…

Network Marketing

Internet Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

But NONE of these industries demolish people if they don’t succeed.

The average Network Marketer is investing $25 to start a business.

The average Internet Marketer is investing $300 in ads.

The average Affiliate Marketer is investing $0 to get started.

Even if it does not work at all - you are left WHOLE!

But the software industry chews you up and spits you out and I should have been just another statistic…

NON-tech entrepreneur attempts to build a technological solution and FAILS and their entire life is impacted…

The software industry is corrupt…

The software industry is NOT for the faint of heart…

The software industry has no transparency…


The misalignment of VALUES!

The non-tech entrepreneur who wants to build a software solution has the desire to pay as little as possible to get the greatest product.

The software development firm wants to charge as much as possible and does not really care about the quality of the final product because they are dumping it on someone else to deal with.


Okay, why does all of this matter…

Well, it’s because I want you to know that CILA stands for…





But it goes beyond just the acronym for the company.

We STAND for radical transparency in software development by showing our costs, only charging at cost, and then winning when you win - launching and accelerating your software solution.

If you have an idea that will change your industry, your community, the world - let’s chat.

I mean it - DM me or email me at so we can see if you are right for CILA and if CILA is right for you.

Cheers to the ALIGNMENT of VALUES!

Live with Intention,


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