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The Two Skills That Will Help You Enter A League Of Your Own

The two greatest competitive advantages in business and life are listening and executing. Almost no one HEARS during a conversation because they have their own motive, and literally no one follows through on what they say they will do. This represents the bluest of blue oceans to create a wedge between you and anyone else.” - Jared Yellin

I am always baffled when speaking with someone, one-on-one virtually or in person, and it's visibly obvious that their attention is not present in the dynamic. 

They are nodding at all the wrong times.

They are laughing when it’s not relevant.

They have crazy eye syndrome as they are not focused.

They ask the most ridiculous questions.

They keep on interrupting by saying yes. 

And they wonder why there is ZERO rapport built.

When you are speaking, they don’t care, but when they are speaking, they expect you to care.

But what’s even more disturbing is that this is NOT the exception to the rule - rather - it’s the rule.

Universally people SUCK at building rapport because they DON’T listen, and they most certainly DON’T execute on what they say they will do.

Which is why…

I am in a league of my own, and YOU can be too.

I not only listen to the words people say when in a conversation, but I also hear what they are NOT saying, which often matters even more than what they actually say. 

This is a result of putting in the time over the past 20 years in order to create mastery in the space of rapport building and communications, but beyond just LISTENING, I am an immediate executor that drives results.

Once again, something you can do too, which will place you in a league of your own because there is a sea of mediocrity when listening and executing.

But Where Do You Even Begin To Create Mastery?

The place you begin is simply a decision that you make, and the decision is that you CARE.

You CARE about the people you meet.

You CARE about the outcomes you produce.

You CARE about the impact you cause.

Because if you don’t CARE…

You won’t LISTEN, and you won’t EXECUTE!

This might sound overly simplistic, but remember…

Almost NO ONE does what I am about to share with you.

And if you CHOOSE TO, you will be in a league of your own…

Truly GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) status.

But you must decide to CARE, and once you CARE - follow these tactical steps…

4 Ways To Listen + 3 Ways To Execute So You Reach A League Of Your Own

Listening #1: Collect critical data.

In every communication, you must fill 110% of the space - which means - you need to collect DATA before you speak about yourself, your offer, your outcome, etc.

And the data is precisely the following:

What are you most proud of? (past)

What are you most excited about? (present)

What is your vision? (future)

Where do you need the most support? (execution)

This is CRITICAL data, and even if the other person is trying to drive the conversation, you must LISTEN before you SPEAK because once you have this data - you will be able to SPEAK into their LISTENING, which shows you LISTENED!

Listening #2: Acknowledge what matters.

Now that you have collected DATA because you TRULY LISTENED to the responses to the questions you asked from above, you need to acknowledge what you know matters to them.

Acknowledge things they are proud of.

Acknowledge things they are excited about.

Acknowledge things that are part of their vision.

Acknowledge things they need support with.

Your goal is to intertwine what you learned into what you share because this will accelerate your ability to build rapport because the other person will feel heard.

Listening #3: Give space for completed thoughts.

Take 1 full second and pause before you decide to jump in and respond to someone because the fast track to breaking rapport AND showcasing how little you care and how little you are listening is to cut the other person off when they are in the middle of a thought.

LET THEM FINISH - pause - and then respond.

Once again…

LET THEM FINISH - pause - and then respond.

I have had countless calls with people where they feel the need to drive the conversation to such a degree that I never complete a thought, and the entire time I feel like I am in an arm wrestle in the dialogue.

Rapport broken…

The next steps are not defined…

Wasted time!

Once again…

LET THEM FINISH - pause - and then respond.

Listening #4: Pick up where you left off.

More often than not - you will have subsequent calls with people and, like I mentioned earlier - fill 110% of the space during each conversation - this time, pick up where you left off.

Ask them how the thing they are most excited about is working.

Ask them how you helped them serve.

Ask them what else they need.

Your goal is to make it feel like this is an extension of previous call(s) because when you do, rapport is sustained and even built further BECAUSE the other person feels like you are listening and that you care because you are listening and you do care!

Execute #1: Send agreed-upon action steps.

Take the initiative and make sure to follow up with whatever is agreed upon during each conversation with the specific steps each person has committed to.

Here’s the key – just do it!

Don’t want for them.

Don’t play games.

Don’t be too busy.

Just send the action steps with the agreed-upon deadlines and deliverables, and then DELIVER on time or early based on the commitments you have made.

You are in BLUE OCEAN territory when you do this!

Execute #2: Surprise and delight.

Since you learned sooooo much about the other person during the data collection step, it's not time to deliver NOT on what they said but rather on what they thought but never said.

It will require significant reps to HEAR what someone is NOT saying, but once you are able to, you will have the capacity to surprise and delight with the support they did not even ask for, but you knew they needed.

Execute #3: Ensure there is a win.

Get a point on the board and get it done quickly!

The reason you ask, “Where do you need the most support?” is because you can now get them a VICTORY by delivering on whatever it is they need as long as it’s in your wheelhouse.

Giving someone the opportunity to gain results - quickly - will almost in-debt them for a lifetime, but since you are an extraordinary human, you will never take advantage of this power that has been bestowed upon you, and instead, you will just put even more points on the board to ensure a WIN! 

Remember – LISTEN + EXECUTE!

Now What?

There are not many things that I would say I am uniquely qualified to teach, but the one thing I can tell you is that building rapport quickly, accelerating comfort in new relationships, getting into mutual action, and ensuring a WIN-WIN outcome is truly something I have mastered.

But the reason I am able to make this very bold statement is NOT because of the following…

A sales training.

A course.

A book.

A seminar.

A coach.

The reason I have reached the point of mastery is because I have put in the reps.

Without exaggerating, I have probably done close to 100,000 “sales” calls in the past 20 years, and 10,000 additional people have been exposed, as opposed to one, and what I have learned during these countless reps is a critical lesson that goes beyond the tactical and practical tips from above…

And those lessons are the following…

People want to WIN.

People want to be SUPPORTED.

People want to have A SENSE OF BELONGING.


And this list goes on and on…

But what I also realize is that people DON’T want to deal with anyone who has a hidden agenda.

They want direct, overt, authentic communication that they can choose to engage with or not, and when you realize the key to getting what YOU want resides in helping other people get what THEY want, you are well on your way to entering a league of your own.

I am excited to see what you will do with this information and article.

I know you got it!

Live with Intention,


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