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There is No Home for Your Idea...Until Now

“Never let someone other than you execute on your BIG IDEA.” - JY

I will never forget when it hit me…

It was probably the most enlightening moment I have ever had as an entrepreneur because it consumed every part of my being except for my commitment to fatherhood and being a husband.

It was in 2020, and I was walking along Campo Beach in Westport, CT. Due to a sequence of events, I was retired at 35 years old but knew my best was yet to come.

I started reflecting on the past few years of scaling a B2B SaaS company, SYNDUIT (which I started and self-funded). What a freakin journey from investing over two years and $2 million dollars with a software development firm, only to realize the “the product” they built would implode pretty much at launch, to scaling my own software development team both domestically and internationally only to realize we could not retain oversea contractors, to pivoting our ideal customer profile 4x to…

The list went on and on and on…

But as I walked the beach in Connecticut, my focus shifted from SYNDUIT to two extremely important words as an entrepreneur – Opportunity Cost.

EVERY decision we make - personally and professionally - has an opportunity cost associated with it. Since I believe second-guessing is a complete waste of time, I almost NEVER think about what else I could be doing with my time that might be higher leverage, produce more impact, and make more money - until this walk.

I realized that during the few years of scaling SYNDUIT, the #1 place where I left the most opportunity on the table was with friends who approached me with their tech ideas.

“Jared, what do you think of this_________.”

At least weekly, I had at least a few different people pitch me their napkins.

Most were thoughtless and absurd.

On the other hand, some were winners - real, meaningful solutions to specific problems with a clear and addressable audience who would pay for the solution if it existed.

I was always direct with each person, and the winners would smile and then ask the same question…

“What would it take for you to co-found this idea with me?”

And each time, I would say the same thing - “I have no bandwidth to do anything but what I am doing right now.”

UNTIL my walk in Westport.

You see, I realized that each of these “winners” had no home.

Where would they go with their IDEA?

Venture capital NEVER invests at the idea stage because there is no value…

Angel investors NEVER invest at the idea stage because the entrepreneur is too needy…

Accelerators NEVER accept at the idea stage because they lack infrastructure…

Incubators NEVER accept at the idea stage because the idea will take too much time to become validated…

Venture studios ALMOST NEVER say yes at the idea stage because they are focused on unicorns…

Software development firms SHOULD NEVER accept an idea entrepreneur because this person will have the vision of changing the world but a budget that can maybe last 1-2 months of a development cycle.

HOLY $H**!!! There is a PINK OCEAN opportunity which means…

The market is aware of an inefficiency.

They are seeking a solution.

They are not finding one that is optimal.

As a result, they are doing nothing or attempting to duct tape it together.

I had 11 friends approach me with “winner” ideas, and here is what they did after I said, “NO, I can’t help you.”

Winner 1


Winner 2


Winner 3


Winner 4


Winner 5

Invested $127,000 by hiring 4 different “developers” over 18 months from Upwork and never launched.

Winner 6


Winner 7


Winner 8


Winner 9


Winner 10


Winner 11


ZERO of the 11 were able to realize their dream…

ZERO of the 11 were able even to get started…

ZERO of the 11 were able to experience their potential…

11 of the 11 will go to the grave with a winning idea…

As I walked the beach in Westport, CT, it became abundantly clear what I needed to do next…

  • Make the tech industry safe…

  • Help entrepreneurs realize that singles and doubles are the new unicorns…

  • Become the greatest co-founder an entrepreneur could dream of…

  • Build unmatched infrastructure to go from idea to exit…

  • Reduce risk to the lowest possible level for early-stage tech entrepreneurs…

  • Say YES to ideas on a napkin when the RIGHT person shows up with the RIGHT idea in the RIGHT market and with the RIGHT business model!

Project 10K is THE HOME for your tech idea…

TOGETHER we achieve more!

Live with Intention,


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