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There Is ZERO Benefit To Thinking Small And NEGATIVE Benefit To Small Actions

“Most people shy away from the big and audacious goals in their lives in fear of falling short. Don’t be most people." - Jared Yellin

I would rather fail by attempting the impossible than succeed by pursuing the probable.

Maybe I am not like most people.

Maybe I am cut from a different cloth.

Maybe I am a masochist that is able and willing to endure pain and uncertainty.

Maybe I am manic and need to be hit with a dose of reality.


Maybe I am freaking onto something.

Here’s my reality…

I don’t care what you THINK about this belief - it serves me.


I do care about what you DO with this belief - it will serve you.

Here’s why…

On your quest to impact millions of lives — you will surely ruffle the feathers of a few thousand. It just is what it is — there is no way around it, and those who have been ruffled need to realize that the reason this happened is because of themselves — nothing to do with you. 

They are insecure…

They got in the way…

They could not keep up…

They were standing on your shoulders…


And when this happens, most people stop because they don’t like the feeling associated with having a naysayer, critic, non-believer, or even someone who defines themselves as an enemy.

I have had people call me a “delusional dreamer.”

I have had people turn on me and attempt to smear my reputation.

I have had people steal my work and money.

But yet…

I will NEVER think small, and I will NEVER take small action because there is ZERO benefit to either.

Thinking small is boring.

Taking small actions is resisting gravity. 

Just picture yourself at 5 years old when all you did was DREAM!

You dreamed of playing baseball on the Yankees…

You dreamed of becoming the Prima Ballerina on Broadway…

You dreamed of traveling to space…

You dreamed of taking a hot air balloon ride around the world…

When you were 5 years old, EVERYTHING was practical and probable, which meant that everything was possible, but then you became an adult and you began to question EVERYTHING.

You started playing it safe…

You started thinking small…

You started taking small actions…

And that 5-year-old dreamer laid dormant.

But not me…

I dream more today than ever before, and I will dream more tomorrow than I dreamed today…

Like I said…

I don’t care what you THINK about this belief — it serves me.


I do care about what you DO with this belief — it will serve you.

And if you are open to trying what works for me, there are the 5 ways I do it…

5 Ways To Think + Act BIG

Way 1: What would Jesus do?

Way #1 has nothing to do with Jesus but everything to do with __________________ (fill in the blank of someone who has already accomplished what you desire).

But the saying is an important reminder for you…

From Wikipedia:

The phrase "What would Jesus do?", often abbreviated to WWJD, became popular particularly in the United States in the early 1900s after the widely read book In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? by Charles Sheldon. The phrase had a resurgence in the 1990s as a personal motto for adherents of Christianity, who used it as a reminder of their belief in a moral imperative to act in a manner demonstrating the love of Jesus through their actions.

Identify someone who already has what they want in whatever area of life where you are thinking big and acting big, and then when faced with an uncertain circumstance — answer this question - WHAT WOULD _____________ DO?

And then DO IT!

If it worked — AMAZING!


And then DO IT!

Way 2: Focus on WHO not HOW.

Most people never go for their BIG because they are too focused on HOW they will get to the destination versus WHO they know can help them reach their outcome.

I guarantee you — someone in your world can help you reach the next level, and once you are at the next level, someone in your world will help you reach the next level again, and this will happen over and over again when you STOP focusing on HOW and begin to answer the question…

WHO can help?

Way 3: It’s better to fall short of your potential than to exceed it.

You MUST condition yourself to realize the validity of this statement.

IF you exceed your potential, you did not set a significant enough milestone. 

People often question my desire to BUILD, SCALE, and EXIT 10,000+ tech companies, and my response is always the same…I would RATHER fall short of my potential than to exceed it. 

Way 4: Ambitious practicality is the name of the game.

YES, you will feel silly once you begin operating this way.

YES, you will have more doubt than certainty. 

YES, you will want to quit.


The more ambitious you get — the more excitement you will experience and the more engaged you will become.

In addition…

Defining a PRACTICAL path to achieve your ambition will keep you motivated and focused when the doubt rears its ugly head.

For example…

I know EXACTLY how I will surpass 10,000 tech companies. I have a practical and attainable path to achieve a very ambitious outcome. 

Way 5: Focus on what you can measure. 

What you measure will get done, and the moment you pursue things that are unmeasurable, you will question whether or not anything got done so….

You must completely objectify the journey to your outcome and the outcome itself.

You must know exactly how many actions you need to take daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

You need to know exactly the results you need daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

You must course correct when needed on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

If you can’t MEASURE your journey - STOP - redefine it - make sure you can measure it - and then execute until you achieve it.

Now What?

What do you have to lose?

Let’s play a game…

You decide to give this a shot and THINK BIG and TAKE BIG ACTIONS…

WORST case outcome is:

  • You fail and people make fun of you.

  • You fall short and feel bad about yourself.

  • You miss the mark and lose time or money.

BUT in all three — you learn, you grow, and you will eventually win from it.

BEST case outcome is:

  • You nail it and win bigger than ever.

  • You attract high quality and higher tone people into your life.

  • You make more money than ever before.

Whether your experience is the WORST or BEST — you will WIN!

Because the WORST = GROWTH and the BEST = WIN + GROWTH


What do you have to lose? (NOTHING)


What do you have to gain? (EVERYTHING)

Live with Intention,


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