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This Is How We Do It

“After thousands of pitches, we have found that there are 4 core areas to focus on - The Person, The Idea, The Competition, and The Market.”

- Jared Yellin

Do you have a big tech idea?

Like one that will change a community…

Or a country…

Or an industry…

Or even the world?


People who see something for what it is and they are committed to make it better…

People who see an inefficiency and can’t stop focusing on a solution…

People who are willing to go for IT!

The IT I am referring to is launching THE solution aka a tech company…

And this is the reason I founded CILA Labs with Mani Soundararajan in June of 2020 because the majority of the world's greatest ideas reside in the graveyard…

People don’t know where to begin…

People don’t know who to trust…

People don’t know what to do…

And my goal was to become their starting point that they trust who DOES whatever is needed to make their IDEA a reality and then a successful company.

This Is Why CILA Labs ONLY Partners!

We stand to create win-win partnerships within the space of technology.

We stand against transactional SOW projects in the space of technology.

Listen, there is nothing wrong with only needing development support, but if that is ALL you want and think you need then CILA Labs is just not the right company for you.

I am an entrepreneur who builds companies based on my own needs. If I could have gone back to 2013 when I first entered the technology industry and took Path #1 from above, outsourcing development, it would have been a non-negotiable for me to find a company that would do development at cost in exchange for equity in my company. But my values and the outsourced development company's values were misaligned and it almost led to my company NOT making it, a massive lawsuit with the development company, and a ton of money and time wasted.

If you choose the development-only path OR building your team, I will honor and celebrate you and be one of your biggest fans.

All that I want is for tech entrepreneurs to WIN because when you WIN the world wins, and I just want to make sure you have the right team, plan, and everything to make your idea a reality.

We only do partnerships because, in my opinion, only partnerships work with technology.

Technology is an extremely unique journey.

Absolutely NOT for the faint of heart.

Filled with the highs of all highs and the lows of all lows.

Yes, you can win big but you can also lose big.

And there is no lonelier path.

And the last thing we would ever consider is allowing you to stand on an island by yourself building a tech company and instead we will go on the island with you as a partner who is absolutely in it to win it in every way which will be explained more in a bit.

Please remember, if partnership is NOT right for you, I respect you deeply and I want you to win. I want all tech entrepreneurs to WIN, but the only way we can help you win is if we partner.

We Deeply Assess Our Magical Four Non-Negotiable Criteria Before Co-Founding

Between June of 2020 and May of 2021, we have had over 4,000 people submit their ideas to the CILA Labs submission process…

Of these 4,000 wonderful humans, only 400 made the cut for a 60-90-minute presentation of their idea.

Of the 400 who presented, we offered over 40 IDEA PEOPLE the chance to Co-Found a company with CILA.

And the MOST common question we get asked is…


Well, the answer is our Magical Four Non-Negotiable Criteria which is our governing body to make the RIGHT decisions on partnership.

Criteria #1 - The PERSON

Does the IDEA PERSON share similar values AND are they the right person to co-found THIS company with?

Criteria #2 - The IDEA

Does this IDEA solve a big enough problem AND is it technologically viable within a realistic period of time?

Criteria #3 - The COMPETITION

Is there a RED ocean or a BLUE ocean or the optimal PINK ocean?

Criteria #4 - The SCALE

How can we scale quickly?

And if these four criteria are met - then we will go all-in and CO-FOUND the company with the person who came with an idea, but is about to leave with a vision.

We mean it!

100% of our current Co-Founders had a good idea, that TOGETHER we transformed the idea into an INSANE vision and I would like to explore this with you…

WHAT inefficiency do you see that matters to you?

WHAT do you wish you can do, but currently can't?

WHAT is your solution?

There are obviously more questions than this, but start here and when you are ready - submit your idea at

I am BEYOND eager to learn, mentor, and build massively impactful and successful tech companies…

Are you game on?!?!

Live with Intention,


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