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What Do You See?

I never see flaws when I look in the mirror...ever. And this is not coming from a place of arrogance, nor is this only about my physical presence, but what I see is what you can see too, if you are looking in the right direction. Pure greatness. - Jared Yellin

The number of people who fall short of their goals because of their lack of belief in themselves is an epidemic.

I don’t know the stats, but the level of limiting beliefs in society is overwhelming, undeniable, and the source of THE MOST pain and suffering.

People commit to a diet but they have 100% certainty they will fail – so they fail!

People commit to finding love but they have 100% certainty they will fail – so they fail!

People commit to starting a business but they have 100% certainty they will fail – so they fail!

People commit to hitting an economic goal but they have 100% certainty they will fail – so they fail!

People commit to ________________________, but they have 100% certainty they will fail – so they fail!

But I also believe that limiting beliefs are all perspectives.

The people who doubt themselves, see the tiny pimple on their nose or the strain on their couch, are focusing on the wrong things.

They are neglecting their beautiful smile, the success they have achieved, and the captivating painting on the wall.

I am sure you have heard this saying before, but you need to be reminded…


This means that where your focus goes, your energy will flow, and if you focus on everything you don’t have or don’t want, instead of the abundance that exists within all of our lives, you will continue to get more of what you don’t have or don’t want.

And I know there will be people reading this that say…

“Easy for you to say, Jared, you have it all.”

But what they don’t realize is I DON’T!

I have an insane amount of pressure, an insurmountable amount of responsibility, and experience challenge after challenge, BUT here’s the difference…

I see the pressure as growth.

I see the responsibility as an honor.

I see the challenge as a test.

What you see in the mirror is ALL PERSPECTIVE, and if you CHOOSE (yes, make the decision) to begin focusing on your greatness - I promise you - more greatness will enter your life and suppress whatever you once deemed as limiting. 

And to help you get there, please take a look at the strategies and the one daily action I commit to DAILY!

5 Strategies To Focus On Your Strengths + 1 Daily Action To Ensure You Are Unstoppable

Strategy 1: STOP comparing your insides based on someone else's outside.

Social media is a beauty and really a CURSE because, on one hand, it enables you to remain connected with people who you would have lost touch with, and on the other hand, most people use it as a mechanism to completely and utterly destroy their self-confidence because they compare their INSIDE to someone else's OUTSIDE!

What this means is they compare the way someone PORTRAYS themself on social to the feelings they have inside, which are filled with lack, pain, loneliness, etc.

But here’s a dirty little secret for you…

Most of the people who go out of their way to SHOWCASE their lives are deeply miserable, so when you compare how you feel to how they show up –  you are comparing APPLES to EGG ROLLS! 

In addition, why the hell do you even care?!?!

So they took a picture in front of a Lambo OR they have a nice watch OR they got breast implants…

If they are happy – celebrate them.

If they are sad – pray for them.

But how does this affect you – AT ALL?!?!

So here’s the deal…

DELETE all social


STOP comparing your insides based on someone else's outside.

Strategy 2: Put more focus on your values versus societal values.

I recently wrote an article about The Power of Being Different, and the response was overwhelmingly strong because it gave people the permission to BE THEMSELVES.

And this happens to also be a strategy to help you focus on your strengths because the VALUES of society DON’T matter, but YOURS do!

And when I say society – I mean your parents, teachers, preachers, friends, colleagues, etc.

Just focus on what brings YOU JOY!

When I was in college, what brought me joy was the gym and writing poetry – ABNORMAL for a dude in college, and guess what…

I don’t give a freak about what anyone thought of this decision because this decision made me who I was at that moment and who I am today. 

I want to make sure this lands…

The ONLY values that matter are YOUR OWN – stop worrying about what other people think. 

Strategy 3: Ignore the opinions of people who don’t have what you want.

Every person who has ever criticized me or naysayed me, or attempted to smear my reputation does NOT have what I want, so their opinion is valueless – a big donut of worth!

YET so many people care about what other people think about what they think or do or believe that they end up losing who they are, and in the process, their limiting beliefs defeat their certainty. 


Anyone who is trying to tear you down – DOES NOT HAVE WHAT YOU WANT!


IGNORE the freak out of them!

This is a guaranteed path to focus on your strengths and become completely unstoppable. 

Strategy 4:  Give yourself grace, but never make excuses.

Here’s reality…

EVERYTHING you want and desire will require more time and more effort and more money, and more sleepless nights than you expected, so…

GIVE yourself grace


NEVER make excuses.

Only you know the amount of effort and commitment you have put forth so if the results have not been achieved yet – give yourself grace but never - ever - ever - ever - make excuses.

Excuses are a quick path to your limiting beliefs WINNING, but if you give yourself grace, if you celebrate your progress, if you push yourself to outdo yourself from the day before, if you enjoy the journey – your strengths will become your focal point. 

Strategy 5: WIN or LEARN daily.

The final strategy is to ensure that every single day, you are either WINNING (putting points on the board for your goals – ie, weight loss, money, dates, meetings, etc.) OR you are LEARNING (gaining insights for your goals – ie, new ideas, new strategies, new relationships, etc.).

PROGRESS is key.

AND I celebrate LEARNING even more than I celebrate WINNING because I know one step or two or three beyond the point of LEARNING is a really BIG win, and I want to ensure that I am focusing on my progress and celebrating the person I am and the person I am committed to becoming. 

1 Daily Action: “I am the freakin G.O.A.T.!” 

One of my closest friends was experiencing a challenging time in his business, and I texted him - daily - for one month - “YOU ARE THE FREAKIN G.O.A.T!” (Greatest Of All Time)

I did not want him to lose sight of how extraordinary he is as an entrepreneur, husband, dad, son, brother, friend, etc.

And I told him this…

Each time you read my text…



Scream it so loud that your wife and kids come running in.

Scream it so loud that your family begins to chant it with you.

Scream it so loud that you don’t know anything other than this…


Now What?

One of my non-negotiable characteristics for hiring, partnering, investing, etc., is that the person or people have what I refer to as HUMBLE SWAGGER.

They need to be humble = willing to learn, eager for mentorship, and desire for growth.


They need to have swagger = unavoidable self-confidence, magnetic energy, and wildly captivating. 

I want you to picture something for one moment…and then answer a question.

There is a physical room you are about to enter.

Inside this room is every prospective catalyst you could ever imagine.

Each of these people has the capacity to transform different parts of your life.

Depending on how you show up when you walk into the room will be the deciding factor in your metamorphosis.

Now my question…

Who is going to show up?

Will you overcompensate and be extremely cocky?

Will you introvert and become shy?

Will you pretend like you can’t find the room and never show up?

Will you drink too much alcohol and become a clown?


Will you fill the entire space with your humble swagger?!

Here’s why this exercise matters…

Because you NEVER know when you are about to walk into a physical room or a virtual room that has the exact person who is there with the goal of transforming your existence and the only way it happens is if you SHOW UP WITH HUMBLE SWAGGER!

And guess what…

This is a choice!

The single reason why countless people are always looking to help me get to where I am destined to go is because I am humble, grounded, and accessible, but at the same time, I have my swagger, my energy, and my undeniable commitment to ensure everyone wins.

This is like a light switch for me – I turn it on because I never know when I am about to meet that one person who will match my energy and take me places that I only dreamed of reaching.

Remember – the choice is yours, but I encourage you to choose wisely…

HUMBLE SWAGGER is the way to go!

You got this…

Live with Intention,


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