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You Have No Chance

“Uncertainty in your sales process is a guaranteed way to prevent people from saying YES because your lack of certainty makes them certain that your product or service is not right for them.”

- Jared Yellin

I am going to be extremely direct in this article because the last thing I want to see happen to you is someone who is better WITH YOU than WITHOUT YOU not saying YES to your product or your service because you allowed uncertainty to rear its ugly head and hold you back yet again.

WHY WHY WHY does uncertainty exist within your sales process?

WHY WHY WHY do you doubt your product/service?

WHY WHY WHY do you NOT feel worthy of success?

Here’s my reality and I think it will help you…

1 - If you have uncertainty in your sales process this is almost always a limiting belief around what it means to sell…

2 - If you doubt your product/service, it’s time to find a different product/service to sell because you will NEVER succeed selling something you doubt…

3 - If you don’t feel worthy of success, it’s time that you get to the root of this massive limitation and use it as a catalyst to become wildly successful…


I can already hear the moans and the cries and the frustration and the anger…

“Easy for you to say Jared, you are an AMAZING salesperson!”

And guess what - damn straight but no more amazing than you…

I believe EVERYONE can sell and I also believe that the vast majority of people CAN’T sell because they have an inaccurate story attached to sales, they have a product/service they don’t believe in, and they lack worthiness when it comes to success.

The reason I CAN sell is because…

1 - I LOVE SALES and my story is one of the SALESpeople showing up as the HERO!

2 - I ONLY sell products/services that I know will transform people.

3 - I AM success - I deserve it, I earn it, I am it!

Let’s Break These Down

Sales Challenge #1: Your Sales Story

“I don’t want to appear salesy.”

“I hate people who pressure sales.”

“Salespeople are all slimy.”

What’s your story?

Allow me to share mine if you are open to it…

The single greatest heroes on planet earth are people who can sell…


You can have the most impactful solution for a massive problem in the world and if you can’t sell then NO ONE will know about your solution.

This is why SALES people are HEROES in my mind because they are able to build rapport quickly, find the problem immediately, and offer a solution as quickly as possible.




Do you think this SALES STORY would help you sell more?!?!

Sales Challenge #2: Product/Service

Why do people continue to sell things they don’t believe in?!?!

I simply don’t get it because sales positions are ALWAYS open and if you don’t believe in your product/service you won’t sell much so WHY NOT CHANGE?

There was ONE time in my life that I attempted to sell something I did not believe in and the key word here is ATTEMPTED because I sold almost nothing and please realize - I am an INSANELY effective sales person.

There was no training that would change my beliefs…

There was no role-play that would have helped me in the field…

There was no resource that would have made the process easier…

I just needed to STOP selling the product/service I did not believe in and my challenge to you is to STOP doing this the moment you know that your belief is off.

This discipline will accelerate your certainty!

Sales Challenge #3: Lack of Worth

Self-Sabotage in sales is omnipresent.

It’s a pandemic…

It’s a virus…

It’s death!

And at the root of self-sabotage is a lack of worth and at the root of a lack of worth is a weird relationship with success. Taking someone to the “finish line” and KNOWING they are better with you than without you, but NOT going in for the opening (aka CLOSE) is your lack of self worth showing up and holding NOT only you back but the other person or people as well.

You MUST dig into this belief and use it as a catalyst.

NOT feeling worthy of success means you feel more worthy of experiencing PAIN - sounds ridiculous, I know, but that’s what it means!

And if your lack of worth shows up in any sales process it will be viewed as uncertainty and you will NOT get the sale.

Here are five steps I took many years ago to help me realize that I am UNSTOPPABLE with sales…

Step #1 - Find a salesperson you enjoy.

Step #2 - Write a NEW sales story based on what you learned in Step 1.

Step #3 - Define what you LOVE about your product and service and what you HATE.

Step #4 - Find your story of lack and convert it to a story of abundance.

Step #5 - Be afraid of certainty, yet, do it anyway.

Life and business are like one giant board game and if you make the choice to enjoy the game then you also better make the decision to enjoy your life.

Sales is FUN

Sales is MONEY


Sales is IMPACT


I invite you and I implore you to step into certainty when you sell because the outcome will be that you SELL more means you will TRANSFORM more, which means you will MAKE money too.

Sound good?!

Live with Intention,

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