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Your Dreams Are Only Part Of The Problem

“It’s not that your DREAMS are too big or audacious or silly, it’s the fact that you don’t fully believe your DREAMS are possible which is why they are not probable which is why they don’t happen.”

-Jared Yellin

I stand against people who inhibit their dreams.


I stand against people who dream so big that they take no action.

So, what do I stand for?

I stand for people who dream with no limits and unrealistic time-frames while deeply uncovering what they are uniquely qualified to do and then honing in on that ONE THING while recruiting others to do the things that fall outside of what you are uniquely qualified to do.

YES, that’s a mouthful and now let’s break it down because inside of this article is your dream waiting to be exploited, developed, and brought to life.

Dream With No Limits And Unrealistic Time-Frames

Let’s begin with NO LIMITS...

Most people feel silly when they start dreaming big. They tell themselves subconsciously or even consciously to stop being silly. Stop being a maniac. Just be okay with enough.

And guess what happens…


Crazy right?!?!

You get exactly what your limits hold you to and then you wonder why YOU don’t have what YOU want in life.

You live in a “just enough” house…

You have “just enough” savings…

You take “just enough” vacations…

You have “just enough” health…

You are “just enough”...PERIOD!

And I am sorry if this ruffles your feathers...BUT GOOD...because if no one ruffles your feathers then you will be...just enough!

But when I say NO LIMITS this does not mean you put fancy cars and houses and watches and vacations on a vision board and hope and pray and wish that someday someway somehow all of this will happen.

And NO LIMITS is not about material items either…

I will give you an example…

My WAYYYY more than JUST ENOUGH dream is to take the entire CILA Holding Company (including all of our co-founders, engineers, employees, etc. - literally 100’s of people and eventually 1,000’s of people) to Bali for 14-days 100% paid for by the company so that we can create memories that will last for generations to come.

NO, I do not have a picture of this on posterboard.

NO, I do not pray for this outcome.

NO, I do not believe the more I think about it the more I will attract it…

NO, I don’t feel silly when I boldly and audaciously share this vision with the team…

And this is just ONE of my NO LIMIT dreams and I know exactly what I need to do in order to get there…

It’s 100% objective…

I know how many companies must be in our portfolio…

I know how much revenue they must produce each month….

I know how many exits we must have prior to this MORE THAN JUST ENOUGH dream…

I literally know everything…


I feel PROUD when I share my NO LIMIT dream AND there are dozens of other NO LIMIT dreams that I also hold myself to accomplishing…

All of which - are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than JUST ENOUGH!


I am sure you have heard the saying that most people overstate what they can do in a year, but underestimate what they can do in five years.

Well, this kind of contradicts this statement because what I am here to tell you is that the only way to hit any target is to set unrealistic time-frames. I do this with EVERY company I launch and guess what happens…

EVERY company hits the unrealistic time-frame!


Because this time-frame is NOT negotiable…

But here’s actually why…

And I stated this earlier so I am going to copy and paste it below and then explain…

I know how many companies must be in our portfolio…

I know how much revenue they must produce each month….

I know how many exits we must have prior to this MORE THAN JUST ENOUGH dream…

I literally know everything…

You can and should and must have unrealistic time-frames when you know exactly what it will take to get what you want.

Please realize that OBJECTIVENESS with dreams is what makes dreams happen and it’s what will enable you to HONE IN on what you are qualified to do while recruiting others to step into their FLAME so you can remain in yours.

Vision boards are NOT objective - they are pretty - and I love them - but 99% of vision boards remain a board versus become a reality.

Deeply Uncover What You Are Uniquely Qualified To Do And Then HONE IN On That One Thing

I adamantly stand against entrepreneurs or humans who think that they are singularly responsible for making their dreams a reality.

First off - you will fall short.

Second - if you make it, your dream is too small.

Third - it’s WAYYYYY more fun to have other people involved so that you can remain in your flame.

Here’s reality…

You are uniquely qualified to do ONE THING and you are partially qualified to do a few things and you are most certainly NOT qualified to do everything!

Here’s my challenge…

FIND your ONE thing and do only your ONE thing.

I get it - you are a one man or one woman show - but that’s why you are a one man or one woman show.

The only way you will evolve beyond that one man or one woman is to deeply uncover your unique qualification.

If you are a chiropractor, it's your ability to heal people with your hands NOT write newsletters.

If you are a financial advisor, it might be your ability to make people feel safe, NOT your investing skillset.

If you are a real estate professional, it might be your ability to find the perfect home, NOT your ability to connect with people.

EVERYONE has ONE thing that they are best in the world at - I call this your FLAME - but EVERYONE spends more time in their WAX which is where they are stuck versus their FLAME where they are on FIRE!

The key to actualizing your no limit and unrealistic time-frame DREAMS is to know what you are best at and hone in on it 100%.

And once you do this - then you are ready to immediately step into….

RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT Because Your Dream Is NOT About YOU Anymore!

You don’t need a budget to recruit - you just need to be creative.

You don’t need to know the perfect person - you just need to find someone.

You don’t need to be a master at hiring - you just need to communicate the dream.

I have the single greatest team in the world because of the following…

1 - I have NO LIMIT and UNREALISTIC time-frame dreams.

2 - I am crystal clear on what I should HONE IN on - aka MY FLAME!

3 - I can communicate precisely what the dream is and what I am best at.

When you do these three things and you do it enough which means you don’t rely on only sharing this with ONE person - I guarantee many people will find a way to contribute because YOUR DREAM is no longer about YOU and they see their dream in your dream.

The answer to every problem that exists in the world is located in this article…

I know that sounds absurd but I don’t care because I know I am right.

And I also know I will be in Bali with 100’s or 1,000’s of people for 2-weeks.

And I also know that I have dozens of other things as well on my dream list…

And I also know that all of them will happen because (and yes I am being repetitive)...

1 - I have NO LIMIT and UNREALISTIC time-frame dreams.

2 - I am crystal clear on what I should HONE IN on - aka MY FLAME!

3 - I can communicate precisely what the dream is and what I am best at.

And by doing this over and over and over again I can recruit, recruit, recruit other people to play their part in the dream we are creating TOGETHER!

Now What?

I don’t have a specific action for you other than to do what you feel called to do as a result of this article…




That’s all he/she wrote!

It looks simpler than it is and it’s definitely NOT as hard as it looks.

But it does require deep thought matched with parallel action.

This means - DON’T just think about IT but DO and THINK at the same time and then test and reflect to see what’s working.

And for the record…

NONE of this is theory - this is how I do what I do so I get what I want!

Now what - for you?!

Live with Intention,


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