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Your Right Versus Their Wrong

“Get clear on what’s RIGHT for you and never waiver for anyone. Because when you find your RIGHT, there is no reason to entertain someone else's WRONG.” - Jared Yellin

It drives me bonkers when someone KNOWS they are RIGHT,, but they still second guess, third guess, and 19 guess every decision that they make because of the fear associated with “I told you so!”

But a person who actually has accomplished what you ultimately desire – will never say that.

Whereas the person who has yet to do anything meaningful is quick to judge because it makes them feel better about the lack they have for themselves.

The key is this…

Don’t be influenced unless the influence is going to lead you to a better place that makes your goals and aspirations more likely, while also reducing the risk in whatever it is that you just committed to doing.

But I get it. Hearing those 4 words – I TOLD YOU SO – is paralyzing, but I promise you it does not need to be!

5 Strategies to Leverage “I Told You So” in Order to Achieve Your Ultimate WIN!

1. Validation that you are REALLY onto something.

Every time someone says…

“I told you so.”

“You should not do _____.”

“That will never work.”

“You don’t have what it takes.”

It deposits what I call a Validation Token into my Validation Bucket, which happens to be overflowing!

The judgment, ridicule, doubt, belittling, etc., just make me even more certain that I am onto something BIG.

Therefore, thank you to anyone who has attempted to “slow me down or keep me safe” – YOU are the reason I have accomplished what I have, and I am only getting started.

2. Harness it to become even more focused.

For the past two years, I have been on the receiving end of a pretty intense personal smear campaign, and what the other party does not realize is that EVERY action, word, or accusation they make about me only makes me MORE FOCUSED!

And the same must hold true for you…

These statements from above…

“I told you so.”

“You should not do _____.”

“That will never work.”

“You don’t have what it takes.”

Should 2x, 4x, 10x your focus because someone is questioning you and this someone has been implanted into your life to ensure you really have what it takes.

3. Amp it up.

I do the EXACT opposite of normal when I am in an “I told you so” circumstance.

Nearly everyone will introvert and take time to themselves.

I, on the other hand, AMP IT UP!

I extrovert…

I produce content on my learnings…

I reach out to more people I believe I can help and know they can help me…

Whatever my normal is at this time (across all domains from health, family, entrepreneurship, etc.), I multiply it at a minimum and usually 4x-10x it when it comes to the energy, intentionality, and focus I bring to whatever I am committed to.

4. More to prove.

I really do believe it’s important to have more to prove than what you prove to yourself. Therefore, if someone questions your ability or says, “I told you so,” when things don't go as planned, stick it to them!

I am sure you are pretty darn self-motivated, but when someone challenges you — there is EXTRA motivation, and my encouragement is – USE IT!

Don’t sulk…

Don’t whine…

Don’t identify as a victim…

Just use this experience to make you stronger and have more to prove!

5. WIN

The not-so fast track that can be fast is to just WIN!

Anyone who had doubts…

Anyone who said, “I told you so”...

Anyone who questioned your sanity and skills…

The key – just WIN!

Whatever that means to you – WIN.

Because in the face of adversity, one of two things happens…

Followers die.

Leaders thrive.

This is your shot, but you MUST WIN!

Now What?

The last time I checked, there was no such thing as a crystal ball.

So when someone tells you what you SHOULD be doing or SHOULD HAVE DONE – they have no more foresight than you.

Maybe they have had a similar experience, and their insight is valuable.

Maybe they are sharing what they would do if they were in your shoes.

Maybe they are offering an opinion because they care.

ALL of this is valuable, and all of this absolutely can be entertained, but what matters more than anything anyone else is going to tell you is what you are telling yourself.

I would RATHER fail and know I tried.


Never tried and never known.

Maybe I am different.

Maybe I perform better in the unknown.

Maybe I have a specific skill that others don’t have.


Maybe I realize that there is no such thing as failure because you can't fail if you don’t quit.

I was in a huge entrepreneurial quandary about 8 years ago when I was pivoting SYNDUIT (a company I founded) from a marketing agency into a marketing SaaS platform, and I ran out of money.

The project was supposed to be completed in 10 months and cost $750,000, but it ended up taking over 2 years and costing over $2m and then imploding weeks after launch.

If I had received $1,000 from each person who came to me and said, “I told you it was a bad idea to pivot from the agency to a SaaS,” I would not have been in a quandary because the number was extreme.

But what they failed to realize is that …

You can’t FAIL if you don’t STOP!

I KNEW that what I was pursuing was MY RIGHT, and there was ZERO reason to entertain THEIR WRONG.

So what did I do?

I kept on keeping on, and today, that SaaS “failure” has turned into a very viable business and the catalyst for building a portfolio of SaaS companies. My company takes on all of the operational responsibilities, reduces risk, and increases the change of product market fit, capital efficient scale, and exit.

Imagine if I listened to THEIR WRONG?

Imagine if they influenced me to STOP?

Imagine if their opinions MATTERED?

I don’t even want to let my mind go there because not only would my world be drastically different, but also THE world, which is why…

“Get clear on what’s RIGHT for you and never waiver for anyone. Because when you find your RIGHT, there is no reason to entertain someone else's WRONG.” - Jared Yellin

I am HERE for you. You are not alone. Pursue YOUR right!

Live with Intention,


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