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The TRUTH + Nothing But The TRUTH

“Even if giving up makes more sense than continuing, default to your truth because the last thing you want is to regret that you gave in when you had more to give.. - Jared Yellin

Many years ago, I had the honor to coach a woman who was in one of the most trying circumstances I have ever experienced.

She was a chiropractor, married to a chiropractor, and together they had a child that her husband sexually molested when her child was only 4 years old. 

I met this wonderful hero of a woman at an event in upstate NY, and when she shared her story with me – I felt compelled to help.

Just to create some context…

I was 23 years old at the time.

I had no children.

I never coached anyone in my life.

I had no exposure to someone who was sexually molested.

And for some reason, when this woman began to share what she was dealing with, I said, “I can help.”

I don’t know why.

I don’t know what was going on in my head.

I don’t know if I even gave myself a chance to think.

But what I did know is - I felt called to do something.

I began to coach this woman weekly - for an hour - for free, and my goal was to help her navigate a completely broken legal system where her daughter was unable to speak her truth because of her age. 

And what I kept on saying to her - on every call for the 18 months we spoke - was the following…

Honor the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.

Even if everything inside is telling you to give in and give up – don’t. Because the pain of continuing is far less than the pain of regretting that you did not give your all.

I want to reiterate this for YOU…


I hope you can’t relate to this woman. 

I hope your circumstances are nowhere near as painful.

I hope you have so much more to give and that walking away from your truth is not even an option.

But I just have this sinking feeling that either you or someone you know or someone who stumbles on this article is meant to read it.

So I am going to state a very important principle for you again…

Even if everything inside is telling you to give in and give up – don’t. Because the pain of continuing is far less than the pain of regretting that you did not give your all.

As Much As I Helped This HERO Of A Women, She Helped Me

It’s almost always easier to say something than to do it, but it's also way more difficult to know you should have done something but only said it when nothing has changed.

What I mean by this is that in the moments of stress, pain, chaos, etc., continuing is almost never even a consideration, even if continuing means making your truth known.

Each time I told this wonderful woman to honor her truth - I was indeed saying it for her - but I also was saying it because I needed to be reminded, and to this very day, I use her courage and commitment as my baseline.

I am not sure if you know the story of the 4-minute mile, but prior to 1954, the 4-minute mile was deemed an impossible fear that no human had the physical capacity to achieve. Thousands upon thousands of people tried but ZERO of them succeeded until a gentleman by the name of Roger Bannister.

Roger did not believe what he was told, and instead – he ran a 4-minute mile.

As a result, every year, 1,000s of people now run 4-minute miles, including high school students. 

So what changed…

ONE MAN proved it was possible, and it gave everyone else the permission to pursue this new possibility.

The woman I coached became that for me…

She proved to me that…

Even if everything inside is telling you to give in and give up – don’t. Because the pain of continuing is far less than the pain of regretting that you did not give your all.

And I am now passing the baton to you because, like I mentioned before, someone who will read this article is in dire need of this belief system because they are on the edge of giving in and giving up, and my hope is that this article provides the courage to continue on because their TRUTH must prevail.

And for me…

The experience with this hero of a mom is my baseline - like I mentioned - and in every challenging situation (both from the past and now in the present), I have a North Star and Undeniable Drive to ensure that the TRUTH is what the world sees in any trying situation I am involved with because the ONLY way to defeat bad is by exposing the TRUTH!

5 Ways To Stand Firm In YOUR Truth

1. Take a deep breath before making any decision.

Even right now, I am in a very trying situation where my reputation that I have built over nearly 20 years is trying to be smothered by lies, manipulation, and a very small group of extremely low-toned people. As a result, the stakes have never been higher for me to ensure that even when everything inside is telling me to just stop, that I meet this doubt with the strongest level of conviction because the TRUTH must prevail.

And the way I do this - especially when the emotions are high - is I don’t make any rash decisions, and instead, I default to a DEEEEEP breath.

This clears my head.

This regulates my emotions.

This prepares me to make the best decision with the information I have.

And what I want to make sure you realize is this…

Your breathing matters.

Countless studies have shown that controlled breathing can cause physiological changes, including lowered blood pressure and heart rate and reduced levels of stress hormones in the blood.

I know it might feel easier to just make a quick decision without the deep breathing exercise, but it will almost always prove to be the wrong decision.

The power of breathing is that it will neutralize your emotional response until your emotions become more controlled, which will, in turn, create the space to make the right decision for your truth.   

2. Change your mind if the decision feels out of alignment.

I also want you to realize that there is no such thing as a finite decision.

You absolutely can and should change your mind the moment you collect more data that you might not have been privy to at the time of the initial decision. 

This recently happened to me…

I made a decision with the information I had at that moment and then about a month later – I changed my mind.

I changed my mind because the data I collected would have suppressed my TRUTH, and I am committed to ensuring that my TRUTH becomes known. 

YES, one person was angry because of this, BUT billions of others will benefit over time and on my quest to impact billions, I will absolutely ruffle the feathers of a few thousand. 

The purpose is not to ruffle the feathers but it IS to create sustainable change and impact.

Which means CHANGE YOUR MIND if/when you collect new data and don’t worry about the few feathers you ruffle and instead put all of your focus on the people you will and have transformed. 

3. Don’t back down even if continuing feels harder.

There will usually be some form of a bully who tries to suppress your truth.

They might strong-arm you.

They might make you feel crazy.

They might attempt to control your narrative.

But it’s YOUR responsibility to realize that even when everything inside is telling you to stop, quit, or give in, that you do the EXACT opposite.


Get louder!

Tell your truth!

Because your TRUTH will not only set you FREE but it will help every other person from the past who did not have the courage to do what you are now doing and all of the people in the future who will be suppressed by the bully.

Your TRUTH will set you and others free and lead to the captivity of the person who is trying to cause pain and suffering. 

4. It’s better to be RIGHT than a false sense of peace.

I can guarantee this…

On your quest to expose the truth, there will be people who ask you this question…

“Would you rather be RIGHT or at peace?”

It’s a loaded question because everyone will say AT PEACE, but when PEACE leads to the suppression of your truth, then the peace is fake. 

I want to make sure this lands…

You can’t have peace and regret, and I PROMISE you will regret falling short of exposing your truth. 


Go for RIGHT!

Go for PEACE!

5. Constantly remind yourself of the truth so that it is never influenced.

Exposing the TRUTH is not for the faint of heart.

Most will not have the courage, belief, and willpower to make it.

As a result…

They end up embedding regret into their existence.

This regret will then manifest as sleepless nights, disease, pain, suffering, lack, depression, and more.

But I want you to know I get it – this is REALLY hard.

So, the final strategy I am committed to doing in order to ensure the TRUTH prevails is to remind myself of my truth.

I replay what has transpired and what my drive is.

I replay all of the people and things in my life that lead to extreme abundance.

I replay my absolute truth. 

Because there will be moments where you begin to QUESTION, and the ANSWER is YOUR TRUTH!

Just remind yourself, and it will get you back on track immediately. 

Now What?

Reach out to me.

I mean it.

If you are in a situation where your truth must prevail – just get in touch with me, and I promise you in less than 30 minutes I will help you realize that no matter how hard it is – you MUST have your TRUTH prevail.

AND you will see me do this now and through eternity.

I will be an example for you.

I will be a North Star for you.

I will be a rock for you.


I know how much THE TRUTH and YOUR TRUTH matter.

And just to remind you…

"Even if giving up makes more sense than continuing, default to your truth because the last thing you want is to regret that you gave in when you had more to give."

I am here for you always...TOGETHER!

Live with Intention,


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