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I am driven to help entrepreneurs realize that sweat is more powerful than blood and ‘HAVING IT ALL’ is a non-negotiable.”

My Story


Meet Me, Jared Yellin

A Man With Boundaries, A Man With Clarity Of What Matters, And A Man With Enormous Vision

Whenever I am asked to speak about my childhood there is only one word that defines my memory…




My parents got divorced when I was extremely young and this moment became the catalyst for a childhood without serenity.

Don’t get me wrong, I am privileged. I by no means have the most difficult upbringing, but I am also not unaware of the challenges that stood before me as I was finding myself in the world.


If you are intrigued, interested, or feel drawn to learn more about where I came from and where I am going, please continue reading my story.


Let’s Make This Really Easy To See If We Are Aligned With Our CODE

code noun


The non-negotiables that exist in your life that drive your decision-making.


  • Self-awareness and honesty

  • Money motivation aligned with mission

  • Decisiveness and action-oriented mentality

  • Burning desire to grow and expand


  • People driven by ego

  • Lack of integrity in decision-making

  • Money motivation only

  • Disorganization and lack of structure

  • Complacency and lack of drive



In my world, FREEDOM is everything. 

Every decision I make is based on the level of freedom it creates.


Therefore, my Plan A is the following…

Help 1,000,000,000 people experience FREEDOM by helping 10,000 non-tech entrepreneurs build technical solutions that simplify the complexity for 1,000,000,000, which then yields #FreedomForAll. 


Are you a non-techy entrepreneur with a technical idea?

Plan A


Do You Want My Advice, Direction, Support, Consultation?

“Everyone has a starting point and everyone has a ‘desire to get to’ point. The key is defining each and then crossing the chasm.” - Jared Yellin

What if…?

What if achieving your desired outcome in any area of life or business was as simple as going from A to B?


What if your clarity around where you ARE and where you want to GO is the difference between making it and not?


What if you realized that you have many A’s and many B’s and they are all interconnected and predicated on one another in a very distinct order?

20200110_MILLA KUHTO_7927.jpg

What if there was a process to go from A to B?


I have become known as an entrepreneur that is able to help other business owners and entrepreneurs see what they don’t see about the process of going from A to B.


If you feel stuck, frustrated, or simply yearn to uplevel your business and life (while creating even more balance which is known as HAVE IT ALL) then I invite you to explore one of our consulting programs which range from $10,000 - $50,000/month.



Are You Looking For Someone To Share Tactical And Practical Business Growth Ideas That Loves Leaving An Audience In A State Of Readiness To Take Seismic Action?


Jared’s Thoughts, Ideas, Wisdom, Strategies, And More…


I Deeply Appreciate The Love And I’m Honored!


Jack Canfield

America’s #1 Success Coach and Founder of Chicken Soup For The Soul

“I have had the pleasure to work with Jared, and his energy and ability to teach is unmatched in the world of marketing. He is currently supporting 100’s of my trainers, and the results people are seeing from both his guidance and his company are beyond my wildest dreams. Jared fully understands how to totally simplify marketing and business development for entrepreneurs, and I am proud to lock arms with him.”


Patty Aubery

President Of The Canfield Training Group and #1 Business Strategist

“I have never met someone who can simplify marketing the way Jared does. I have had the pleasure of building an online academy for all of my trainers where Jared teaches the fundamentals of marketing. The results that our trainers have experienced are unlike anything I have ever seen before.”



Dr. Fab Mancini

Multiple Best-Selling Author and America’s #1 Healthy Living Expert

“Jared is the epitome of an innovator. He never stops finding ways to simplify marketing and scaling a business. I am proud to have worked with him for many years but even prouder of the results he has been able to help my clients achieve.”


Dr. Ivan Misner

Founder of BNI

“I have had the pleasure to work with Jared on a 10-year vision of mine called Ivan’s Inner Circle. His knowledge of marketing is exceptional, but what makes him even more wonderful is his ability to simplify concepts so that anyone can do it. Personally, I loved his training on how to build and implement Annual Marketing Plans more than anything else.”

Questions, Comments, Thoughts, Ideas? Contact Jared Today!

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