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Be BOLD Enough To Say YES To Your Vision

“Be BOLD Enough To Say YES To Your Vision


Be BOLDER To Say NO To Someone Else’s If It Will Take Away From Yours.”

-Jared Yellin

I freakin LOVE this quote, but what I love more is the lesson and even more…THE DISCIPLINE!

Raise your hand if you have ever let someone else's vision interfere with your own?

I have both hands raised and both feet and both ears, etc.

My greatest weakness until recently was allowing someone else's visions to impact my ability to completely fulfill my own.

And the impact was rather intense…

My team would get frustrated…

My advisors thought I could not lead…

My tribe would get confused…

I get it - you are a “really nice person and just want to help people.”

This is how I always justified it too, but the single greatest way that you can help the most relevant people is by…


So right here and right now, let’s do it…

If you had complete control to do life on your terms, what would you do with it?

If you could paint a picture of exactly what you wanted to achieve, what would be on the canvas?

If you were able to access any resources needed to make all of your goals and aspirations a reality, what would your life experience consist of?

The reason why most people allow the vision of someone other than themselves to absorb their own is because deep down inside they don’t believe they have what it takes to make their vision real AND (I emphasis AND for a reason), they live with a sense of doubt in their own abilities WHILE putting other people on a pedestal since they judge their own insides based off of someone else's outside.

When DOUBT enters your equation AND you believe that other people have greater skill, ability, resources, perseverance, ideas, etc. it becomes EASIER to let their vision defeat yours.

In addition, self worth plays a massive role in your ability to experience your vision…

If you feel unworthy to get what you want and won't!

If you feel uncomfortable to have it won’t!

If you feel embarrassed to be bold and audacious with your won’t!

The single reason why I have been able to transition my actions from pursuing my own vision versus allowing the vision of someone else to get in my way is because I am 110% certain that I am worthy of MY VISION becoming MY REALITY!

But here’s what’s really cool…

“I never lose…

I just ensure that everyone around me also WINS!”

My vision in life is to NEVER lose out on MY VISION, but at the same time, helping other people WIN as well by living out their VISION!

So if you grapple with putting yourself first...think about this…

Accomplishing your vision does NOT mean someone else will NOT accomplish theirs…

Instead, when you WIN - they will also WIN!

MV versus TV

Now for the assignment to really drive home this point because if you die with your vision inside, you will NOT have fulfilled what was required of you during this lifetime - and this my friend - would be very disappointing!

So, here are the questions…

1 - Clearly define what matters to you

2 - Equally as clearly define what you stand against

3 - Take an open and honest (brutally honest) assessment of where you are investing time…

Literally - look at your calendar and see what you have scheduled and then mark each commitment with either…

MV - My Vision

TV - Their Vision

Your goal should be to have WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY more MV’s than TV’s so that you can accomplish what you are destined to achieve.

Listen to me PLEASE…


Final Question...

Are you BOLD enough to say YES to your vision?

AND even BOLDER to say NO to some else’s if it will take away from yours?

I know - it’s not easy - but I promise it’s worth it and it’s required.

I am here always…

Live With Intention,



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