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Catch Me If You Can

“My competitive advantage is derived from one simple fact – I NEVER second-guess anything. Most people don’t only second-guess but also 19x guess themselves, which means I have made 19 different decisions when they have finally made one. Try and catch me…" - Jared Yellin

“Jared, you are too impulsive.”

“Jared, you take action too quickly.”

“Jared, you are too quick to make decisions.”

“Jared, slow down.”

All said by the person who does not have what I want - and even more importantly - they don’t even have what they want based on their standards. 

Maybe I am wrong…

Maybe I do make decisions too quickly.

Maybe I am careless.

Maybe I have impulsive tendencies.


Maybe I am onto something.

Here’s what I have seen.

I get what I want because I make a decision to get what I want. 

This does not mean every decision leads me to what I want, but it does mean that a series of decisions has ALWAYS led me to what I want.

Whereas the contrary – is never the case.

You cannot get what you want by not making a decision, OR you would already have what you want, so you would not even be thinking about making a decision.


You cannot get what you want by not making a decision, OR you would already have what you want, so you would not even be thinking about making a decision.

For example…

THE reason I met my wife is because I made the decision to go on many dates, engage in many relationships, put myself out there many times, and nearly every decision did not get me what I wanted until the final decision – WHICH DID!

THE reason why I have made it as an entrepreneur is because I made the decision to start many companies, engage in many partnerships, attend many events and almost every decision did not get me what I wanted until the final decision – WHICH DID!

And this premise exists in every domain of your life.

But I promise – sitting on the couch and praying, wishing, chanting, and envisioning is the same thing as NOT making a decision, so here’s the key…

Use ONE or ALL of the strategies below and I guarantee you begin to outpace everyone in your network who lives in a constant state of perseveration!   

11 Ways To Make Decisions Faster Than 99% Of The World

1. Give yourself the permission to change your mind.

Most people have such a thick ego that they rather have the perception of being right versus being wrong than actually becoming right. 

What this means is that Person A makes a decision – it does not go the way they had hoped, and instead of giving themselves the permission to change their mind, they stick with this decision and try to muscle it to work because they are so afraid of what Person B-Z is going to think of them VERSUS abandoning the decision that did not perform, learning from it, and then making another decision.

I change my mind ALL OF THE TIME – like on everything!

I have launched online courses, marketed them for a day or two, and then pulled the plug.

I have scheduled a lunch with someone, thought more about it, and then canceled for good reason.

I have made a purchase, explored what I bought, and then either returned it or tabled it.


And this should make decision-making much much much easier. 

2. Realize nothing is fatal or finite.

Most people also are too romantic with decisions, and they think that every decision is either fatal or finite when in reality everything that we can’t live without today was a series of decisions that someone just like you made – the difference between them and you is that they never attached too much significance to any one decision.


As long as your decision is not going to put your health or life in danger - which almost no decisions ever would - don’t over romanticize the decision and instead – just make it!

3. Business and life is a game.

Decision-making also becomes much easier when you start looking at everything like a game.

Remember when you were a child and you were attempting to do something or get something…

Ride a bike

Get extra dessert

Sell lemonade

Earn more allowance

Watch another TV show

You treated this outcome like a game. Each time your parent or teacher or preacher said NO – you would circumnavigate their statement and find a way.

Well, now that you are more mature, just default back to this way of life. 

Because everything is a game but the game you are playing is really important because when you WIN - I bet other people will WIN as well, but you can never win unless you make a decision to WIN and then back this decision with a series of actions.

JUST like you did when you were a kiddo!

4. Trust your intuition.

Your gut is your sixth sense, and I personally believe it is your most acutely aware sense. It’s the sense—like none other—that can predict an outcome, but if you don’t listen, adhere, and follow the direction of your intuition, this powerful force is for naught.

I promise you that your intuition is telling you to make a decision versus thinking about it.

Because your intuition knows that the only way you will ever get what you want is to make a decision and then back this decision with a series of actions.

So, just trust it. If the decision does not produce the outcome—so be it—make another decision, and don’t stop making decisions until you get your outcome. 

5. Only ask for help from someone who has what you want.

Asking for help is a strength, and it should be used, BUT the key is that the person you are asking for help or advice or support ALREADY has what you want because otherwise, their effort is theoretical, and it decreases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

When I need to make important business decisions, I go to people in my world who already have accomplished what I am striving to…

When I need to make important personal decisions I go to people in my world who already figured out what I am trying to achieve…

The source of advice MATTERS, so just choose wisely and ask for help!

6. Never ask for permission.

I tell everyone in my world (who is an adult) - personal or professional - that if they ask me for permission, the answer is ALWAYS NO!

Asking for permission is your fear of action because you are pretending like you are being considerate when in reality, you are just scared.

This is a simple strategy…

Don’t let STEP ONE be asking for permission.


Just make the decision, and if this decision happens to ruffle a few feathers – just apologize, keep making decisions, and stop asking for permission.

7. There are no rules.

As long as you are not lying, cheating, or stealing – you are in the clear.

People who feel the need to check the rules, read the terms, and engage counsel to make a decision are just using “RULES” as an excuse not to take action.


As long as you are not lying, cheating, or stealing – you are in the clear.

And just so you don’t forget (and I know I am being repetitive)...

As long as you are not lying, cheating, or stealing – you are in the clear.

RULES exist to keep people who perseverate – perseverating!

8. Everything is made up.

One of the things that will set you FREE to make decisions is the realization that EVERYTHING you currently can’t live without (your phone, Uber, DoorDash, Whole Foods, etc.) was completely MADE UP by someone just like you who made it up and then made it real BY….


Uber would not exist if the founders were stuck in perseveration.

DoorDash would not deliver your food if the founders asked for permission.

Whole Foods would be a dream if the founders did not act.

And the list goes on and on and on.

EVERYTHING is made up, but in order to make it up – you must make decisions!

9. What if…

What if it works?

What if it doesn’t?

The WHAT IF it works is ALWAYSSSSSSS worth it.


The WHAT IF doesn’t mean just making another decision. 

Remember – nothing is fatal, and nothing is finite, but if you don’t at least try, then you will NEVER experience the WHAT IF it works…

And trust me – it’s worth it!

10. Stop caring about what anyone thinks or says about you or your actions.

The only reason why you get stuck in perseveration is because you care too much what you think outer people will think who in reality are not thinking about you. 

Guess what – you are not that important. 

Just remind yourself of that.

NO ONE is actually watching you.

NO ONE actually cares.

NO ONE has time to worry about what you did or did not do.

But there is ONE person who does.


And only you know if you gave your life your all.

And that is the ONLY person who matters.


Is giving it your all perseveration or action? 

11. Tandem jump.

I will never forget when I went skydiving—and for those who have had this experience, you will 100% get what I mean—it was a tandem jump. I was 10,000 feet in the air attached to a retired veteran, and there was only ONE way down…JUMP!

Before I even had a chance to think, consider, or question what was about to go down–my tandem partner JUMPED, and we went free-falling 5,000 feet in about 2 minutes.

This is how you need to make decisions: Have one accountability partner, have them attach themselves to you (and vice versa), and jump!

Now What?

To perseverate…


Not to perseverate.

That is the question?!

But that is also the PROBLEM!

You see – most people can’t make decisions.

They don’t trust their skills.

They don’t trust their judgment.

They don’t trust their instincts.

So instead…

They default to questions upon questions upon questions, followed by excuses, followed by doubt, and this cycle is so pervasive that they can’t get out, which means they are absolutely stuck without making any decision. 

This is what I mean by CATCH ME IF YOU CAN + my competitive advantage!

I NEVER second-guess anything. Most people not only second-guess but also 19x guess themselves, which means I have made 19 different decisions when they finally make one.

All 19 decisions don’t necessarily go my way or lead to the ideal outcome, but it’s still ALWAYS better to make a decision than not. 

Because the lack of decision-making is why you are not where you want to be - no one - and I repeat NO ONE has reached their optimal by not making decisions. 

This is like sitting on the couch and expecting to have a chiseled body.

It just won’t work.

The ONLY way to get the body of your dreams, the bank account of your dreams, or the relationship of your dreams is to take action….PERIOD!

So my answer to NOW WHAT is the following…

Keep doing what you have been doing, but don’t complain about not having what you want.


Make 19 decisions for every other person’s 1.

The choice is yours – but the answer is obvious.

Live with Intention,


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