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You are crazy, or you are onto something. - Jared Yellin

There is an internal joke with my team and close advisors that being on a sales call with me (or in a room where I am presenting) is like a show.

It is fascinating to observe my ability to captivate attention, build rapport, guide people through an experience, and always achieve my stated outcome.


It’s calculated.

I cause this outcome because I know this outcome is better for the person or people I am speaking with AND for whatever it is that I am focused on as well.

And when you know someone is better off with you than without you, it becomes your moral responsibility to ensure they say YES to whatever you are offering.

But for most people, they have no idea how to do this.

They are NOT memorable.

They are NOT interesting.

They are NOT unforgettable.

And the reason this is the case is because they have been conditioned to be…JUST ENOUGH!

I promise you that JUST ENOUGH is not enough for you which is why you stumbled on this article because whatever higher power you believe in wants you to understand HOW to formulaically become UNFORGETTABLE.

NOT for your ego…


Because it will give the receiver of YOU the permission to rise up and become unforgettable as well.

And this is what I want you to picture as you go through this article and learn the formula that I have proven over decades…

The outcome of meeting with you is that the other party is going to talk about you at dinner and dream about you when they sleep.

I call this dinner and dreams, and the reason why this happens is because…

YOU became IMPRINTED in their life, and as a result – you are unforgettable.

7 Steps To NEVER - and I mean NEVER - Be Forgotten

Step 1: Eloquently and boldly cast your moonshot.

Did you know most people never set goals?


Did you know that the fraction of people who set goals keep these goals a secret?


Did you know that the fraction of a fraction of people who set goals and tell others select goals that are so inconsequential in fear of falling short and losing face?

AND Did you know that the fraction of a fraction of a fraction of people who set goals, tell others, and strive to achieve something that has never been done are the ones who actually change the world?

Look back in history and you will see that there has never been a secret disruption that positively shaped the way we operate today.

EVERY meaningful milestone in human history was catalyzed by someone who was bold enough and eloquent enough to call their shot in such a way that others felt a gravitational pull to support, get involved, cheer for, and ensure the outcome. 

Never being forgotten is a big deal, and it requires a BIG moonshot – one that is delivered boldly and eloquently so it can be remembered. 

And if you are wondering how because you have been conditioned not to communicate this way, here’s a simple formula….

Maniac Action + Radical Number + Insane Timeframe = MOONSHOT

Here’s mine…

Maniac Action

Acquire, Scale, and Exit

Radical Number

10,000 SaaS Companies

Insane Timeframe

within the next 50 years 


which will eliminate pain and suffering from early-stage tech. 

Step 2: Artfully and precisely share your practical plan.

Okay, now you have their attention with your moonshot, but you also sound a bit crazy, so here’s how you help them realize…

You are doing THIS (your moonshot) with or without them, and they can’t do it without you.

You share your PRACTICAL plan to achieve your moonshot.

And it MUST be practical.

For the past three years, I have seen people smirk when I share my moonshot, but they lean in when I explain how we will achieve this outcome. 

As they lean in, they begin to engage further, and by the end of the call, the most common response is…

You are absolutely going to pull this off!

Here’s how you create the practical plan…

Take your Radical Number, divide it by your Insane Timeframe, and then divide it by your practical plan.

Look at mine…

Radical Number

10,000 SaaS Companies

Insane Timeframe

within the next 50 years 

Practical Plan

Launch 1 innovation hub in tier 2, 3, 4 cities around the world each quarter that launches 1 SaaS company each quarter. 

What seemed manic and impossible is now practical and attainable.


“Wait, so all you need to do is launch one Innovation Hub each quarter, and each hub launches one company each quarter – this is completely doable!” 

“But how many employees will you need to execute?”


Only 5 per Innovation Hub.


“So you only need 500 total people to launch over 10,000 SaaS companies?”



Step 3: Show up with humble swagger.

This leads to the next step in the formula to IMPRINT people, where you become embedded in their lives because it is an unforgettable experience. 

The YUP is what I call HUMBLE SWAGGER!

NO ONE wants to remember someone who is cocky, arrogant, ego-driven, NOR do they even think to remember someone who is insecure, riddled with doubt, and introverted. 

What you must show up with is a HUMBLE SWAGGER.

HUMBLE = willing and eager to learn, collaborate, ideate, and absolutely does not NEED the credit.

SWAGGER = confident, cool, collected, unshakeable, certain, convicted in the outcome. 

I tell everyone at our company to make sure that when they enter a room, everyone can feel your presence.

It’s how you carry yourself.

It’s how you show up.

It’s what you think about you.

And I will share a quote that I rehearse daily so that I never forget the importance of humble swagger…

“Confidence is my presence,

Never tense,

Never hesitant.” 

Step 4: Disseminate receipts.

And now that the person or people can FEEL your presence with your humble swagger it’s time to suffocate any of their doubt with RECEIPTS!

Talk is cheap

Results are the shizzle!

Show them what you have done.

Literally, show them the outcome from your previous efforts because NO ONE shows receipts.

People talk a big game, especially in any networking environment where there are no checks and balances, but when you become the person who SHOWS previous results – your moonshot, practical plan, and humble swagger freakin stands out!

So it’s simple…

SHOW people what you have done.



Bank account

Press releases

SHOW what you have done, and you will be one step closer to NEVER being forgotten. 

Step 5: Do what you say you will do and more.

Okay, now you have a believer, but in order to ensure that you are NEVER forgotten – DO what you say you will do and more.

Whatever you claim to this person or people.

Overdeliver on it.

Surprise and delight.

Blow their mind!

I had a meeting the other day where I deployed this entire formula, and as a result - I will NEVER be forgotten by the group, but what I also did is step 5 immediately.

I told one of the people present that I have two connections for you that will potentially yield high 6 and maybe even 7 figures of business for this person.

So what did I do…

I made an IMMEDIATE email introduction to those two and, since then, to two more.

DO what you say you will do…AND MORE!

Step 6: Ensure your energy supports your ambition.

You are getting close, but you are not there yet because NEVER being forgotten is a destination that almost no one ever reaches so it’s critical that your energy supports your ambition. 

If you are highly ambitious but your energy is apathetic, NO ONE is going to remember you because they won’t believe you have the capacity to achieve your moonshot.

The #1 compliment I get is that my energy is off the charts, and I know it is because I control it the same way you do.

This does not mean you are the loudest person in the room, but it does mean that when you speak, you absolutely command attention, and everyone believes you have the capacity to pull out your ambition because your energy is so damn magnetic that it lures people into your orbit and they never want to get out.

PLEASE REALIZE most people have crappy energy, so when you show up with ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE energy – you will NEVER be forgotten as long as you did Step 1-5 (and now 6) and finally #7

Step 7: Follow up like a fanatic with new and exciting.

The final step to IMPRINT people is to constantly show up in their lives.

Video content






You must become omnipresent, and when you follow up through all of the mediums above and more, you absolutely need something new and exciting to talk about.

And memorable people ALWAYS have something new and exciting.

A new feature

A new deal

A new investment

A new adventure

A new challenge

A new partner

A new way to do something

A new ______________

You control the new, so to put an exclamation point on the absolute certainty that you will NEVER be forgotten, show up with something new and exciting REGULARLY in the lives of people in your network. 

Now What?

Forget everything you were ever told about flying under the radar, not being the center of attention, keeping quiet, playing it safe, etc.

I promise you…

The person or people who bestowed this stupidity upon you DON’T have the life you desire. 

They are living with regrets – whether they realize it or not.

They are suppressing their potential – whether they realize it or not.

They are falling short of their goals – whether they realize it or not.

And you absolutely should NOT allow their limiting beliefs to influence your unlimited beliefs.

Because being a wallflower does not serve anyone - especially you - and especially the people you meet.

You need to stand out.

You need to rise above.

You need to become memorable.

And what I wrote in this article is EXACTLY what I have done for a few decades now to ensure…

I will NEVER be forgotten.

But this is NOT coming from a place of ego.

I am not tickled by never being forgotten.

I do this for the person and people I associate with. 

I don’t want to deprive someone I meet from forgetting me by not showing up the way they need me to…







The people in your world need you to show up this way – when they meet you for the first time and when they are in your orbit for years.

And here’s why…

It gives them permission to NEVER be forgotten as well.

Our society is doing everything in its power to suppress greatness, which is why you MUST become the “token unforgettable human” in your family and network. I guarantee it catalyzes others. 

And if you don’t - who will?

Nearly every day, someone sends me a DM, text, or even on a call, and they tell me that the way I show up has inspired them to show up.

What they are actually saying is…

THANK YOU for realizing I need NEVER to be forgotten!

So the choice is yours…

You 1000000% can fly under the radar and be a wallflower – this is normal and expected behavior.


I have a feeling you stumbled upon this article for a reason which means you absolutely cannot fly under the radar and be a wallflower.

It’s your time…

Dinner and dreams…



Live with Intention,


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