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Focus On Referrals...ONLY!

“The fastest, funnest, and most rewarding way to double your impact and your business is the tried and true REFERRAL. Stop burning cash on ads, ‘optimizing your website,’ and hacking funnels. Stick to what has always worked and what will always work.”

- Jared Yellin

Who is the BEST new client, customer, or patient?

Is it that person who clicked on your add to get a FREE widget from you?

Is it that person who found your website doing research on their problem?

Is it that person who found a coupon to try what you do?


Is it a referral?

Okay, loaded question alert, but sometimes the obvious is the most difficult to see.

In the context of growing your business, talking about the number of referrals you get is definitely NOT as sexy and showing off how well your Facebook ads have been performing, but if we focus on QUALITY of client, customer, patient there is no comparison between a referral and purchased lead.

The referral comes in ready…

The referral comes in education…

The referral comes in trusting…

But here’s the coolest part…

Referrals are a WIN - WIN - WIN!

Win #1 - The Person Doing The Referring

The person DOING the referring feels like a champion that they were able to help someone in need AND they were able to say THANK YOU to you for all of the value you provided.

Win #2 - The Person Being Referred

The person being REFERRED is about to experience the benefit of what you offer which has the potential to radically improve or change an area of their life.

Win #3 - You

Your business is growing with more of your optimal people.

This is why I am so fanatical about going ALL IN with Referrals versus hacking a funnel that makes no sense to you, running an ad which drives you crazy, and/or optimizing your website.

Those three strategies DO NOT produce a WIN-WIN at all and potentially lead to a LOSE-LOSE-LOSE!

But when you structure relationships in such a way that they feel a sense of contribution to your mission and they are provided with the resources to make referring easier - they will do it!

And Just In Case You Don’t Know Why Referrals Matter

WHY are referrals important - VALIDATION

How do you get a referral - DELIVER THE GOODS

WHAT are the benefits - GUARANTEED GROWTH

WHO are referrals - AVATAR

WHY is this really important - The more people you serve, the more referrals you get, the closer the world is to changing

And they don’t just matter a bit - they REALLY matter. So much so that I would burn all of my resources right now and be told to pick ONE strategy to deploy with the goal of getting back to whole and it would be Relationship Capital focused ONLY!

People building People...

People helping People…

People supporting People...

My hope and desire for you is that this article catalyzes a desire for you to become a REFERRAL MAGNET!

The Top Nine Ways To Become A Referral Magnet

These are NINE ways of thinking about business growth, a servant mentality, and an entrepreneur that must scale…

For the record, I have deployed and continue to deploy this strategy more than anyone else and it ALWAYS works! Unlike Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. Leveraging Relationships to get THEM what they want, and YOU what you want is the ultimate of ultimate!

Okay, now for the top nine ways to become a referral magnet...

  1. Spend 90% of your time on serving your tribe and 10% on trying to expand your audience

It’s unfortunate that MOST businesses invest almost all of their resources into acquisition versus maintenance and support. There is a thrill in getting a new client, customer, or patient but NOT as sexy or exciting to maintain your current base and have your current base grow. I say SCREW SEXY and let your outcomes become the SEXY! Referral based marketing is the single greatest way to LOVE your business as it scales.

  1. Ask your tribe what they want, what they need, how you can perform better

Become ferocious about never-ending and constant improvement of your products, services, etc. The most effective way to create this outcome is through surveying, one-on-one calls with power users, data analysis of customer support records, and so much more! Also - don’t forget to surprise and delight!

  1. Ask your tribe to share how their life has changed since working with you

One of the most common things that happens is clients, patients, customers, etc. FORGET what life was like prior to you. You have helped them so significantly that they don’t recall anything but their new norm. This is why it’s so important to get them on video sharing their evolution…

What was life like before?

What is life like now?

What do you want people to know about your business?

  1. Tell your tribe why they are your ideal clients

People are always shocked when they DO this strategy and it works! Your customers, clients, patients etc. that are PERFECT have no idea that they are perfect. When you tell them that they represent your optimal AND what happens as long as you say…

Who else do you know just like you that we can help the way we have helped you?

  1. Make sure there are no contradictions

This holds true for everything, but contradictions lead to destruction and if your mission is to become a referral magnet then you must must must eliminate the contractions that are an opposing force to people feeling comfortable referring to you. LIVE what you PREACH!

  1. Stop being desperate

I am not sure about you, but I don’t enjoy rewarding desperation. Come from a place of abundance, a desire to serve, and hunger to impact. I am telling you this now…

If you step into this energy and this headspace your magnetism will become stronger than ever before - just take my word for it and do it!

  1. Authentically make a declaration that you are going to invest all of your resources into creating value for your people and what you ask for in return are introductions to people just like them.

Just tell people that you are shifting your resources to serve them and your only ask is when they meet or think of someone like themselves that they bring them to your business. “I need you to help me grow with only the RIGHT people because I am focusing 100% on serving you. Who is ONE person right now that comes to mind that I can help?”

  1. Very important - TELL PEOPLE HOW to refer to you

Businesses always laugh about this one but MAKE IT EASY - literally tell them where to go, how to do it, who to call, what to say, what to send, etc. Imagine if your current base was your salesforce, you would train and prepare them - which is why you should train and prepare your clients, customers, and patients so that referring becomes EASY and SECOND NATURE!

  1. Don't be afraid to ask but if you are really delivering it will just happen as a consequence, but don't rely on them - ASK!

Just ASK…

Just ASK…

Just ASK!

Don’t think your clients, customers, and patients will refer on their own - literally just ASK!

Who do you know that is like you that I can help?

Keep it simple - and just ask!


Are you ready to be a referral magnet?

Are you ready to attract more of your ideal?

Are you ready to put your existing clients, customers, and patients FIRST?

If yes...

Burn the boats…

Cut the ropes…


I promise you will thank me later!

Live with Intention,


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