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Hands in...TOGETHER!

“This is how we start everyday in all areas of my life because TOGETHER we achieve more.”

- Jared Yellin

There are three distinct areas of my life that matter most to me - all of which are interconnected in various ways.

Area 1 - My Family

Area 2 - My Entrepreneurship

Area 3 - Me

And in all three distinct areas I have a daily ritual and have for as long as I remember…

We go HANDS IN and boldly declare...TOGETHER!


Because TOGETHER is more fun than the alternative.

Because TOGETHER is how impact is created.

Because TOGETHER is the only way change will occur.

I have even gone hands in by myself for many many years because I know I am not creating my life on my own…

The UNIVERSE is absolutely involved and I have known for as long as I can recall that MY UNIVERSE is conspiring to ensure I get to my destination.

I am sharing this for a very distinct purpose…

I believe that most think the universe is out to get them.

I believe that most think that they are a victim in their own life.

I believe that most think that every challenge is the end and not the beginning.

I believe that most think that they don’t have what it takes to have the life they desire…

What I know for me is that the universe is on my side...

What I know for me is that I am in control of my outcomes…

What I know for me is that every challenge is an opportunity…

What I know for me is that I have everything I need…


Every life is a TOGETHER!

None of us are alone on this journey whether it’s the higher power you believe in, or a loved one, or a child, or a team, or any version of any of this - your life is an aggregation of the people you let in and what you can co-create.

AND if you feel unworthy of letting others inside - then your life will most likely not amount to what you ultimately desire because life is an absolute team sport.

And I want to make sure you hear this and embrace it and open your mind, heart, and spirit to this…

Your life is a TEAM SPORT…


Your life is a TOGETHER!

But I get it…

Letting people in could be scary…

Letting people in could mean you get taken advantage of…

Letting people in could lead to distraction…

Letting people in could lead to the wrong people within…

And all four of these and any other excuse you come up with is still a reason to let others in because it’s impossible (and I never use this word) to create anything of meaningful significance on your own.

Margaret Mead says it best…

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

You need your thoughtful group…

You need your like-minded tribe…

You need a daily hands-in with the universe and those you let in…

And since I have many access points to enter my life, I’ve created a discipline which consists of FIVE RULES that I invite you to use as is or morph into your own, but please commit to TOGETHER...

Rule #1 - I know my CODE and I boldly declare my CODE to anyone I am considering letting in.

You can learn how to program your code here:

My CODE is to do what’s RIGHT regardless of who is watching which becomes the non-negotiable to come inside my world. This might seem obvious, but many people don’t operate this way as RIGHT does not only mean lawful, but it means thorough, complete, and with integrity.

It means not cutting corners even if you can.

It means not manipulating the outcome even if no one knows.

It means not pushing yourself ahead and leaving others behind.

My CODE is non-negotiable and it’s the first line of defense as I let others into my TOGETHER.

Rule #2 - I over communicate the good, the bad, the ugly, and the exciting.

I find that many people have a hard time expressing concern, discomfort, doubt, frustration, etc. so they allow it to boil up until one day they explode and the other person is left confused, angry, and blind-sided.

I remember my great grandparents telling me that they never went to bed angry with one another and they were married for over 70 years and I treat my TOGETHER the exact same way.

I have zero qualms with speaking how I feel and addressing it in real-time so that we can resolve any confusion, go hands in, and boldly declare TOGETHER because that is the only way we will all get to the outcome we desire.

Rule #3 - I have zero resistance to kicking someone out.

Although I have not had to deploy this too often because of Rule 1 and Rule 2, I have done it before and I will do it again. If someone got in and they are causing more harm than good and they are not course correcting as I clearly communicate the issues at hand - they are OUT...PERIOD!

What we are co-creating MATTERS - please realize this for yourself as well.

What you are co-creating MATTERS and even if it’s uncomfortable to say PEACE OUT you must say it because it will create a standard in your TOGETHER that you are not here to play games but rather this is serious work that must get done and with the RIGHT people only.

Rule #4 - I know what I am building is NOT about me and it most certainly is NOT about anyone in my TOGETHER.

I have ZERO ego - literally NONE!

I don’t care about fame.

I don’t care about awards.

I don’t care about accolades.

I only care about TOGETHER impact.

(and what my kids think of me too :))

And TOGETHER impact is something really important because if anyone on the inside is trying to make what we are co-creating about THEM, it just won’t work.

No one should ever ask anyone to do something they would not do for themselves and the only reason why they are asking for help is because the other party is better than they are at doing whatever is required.

And if anyone in my TOGETHER is trying to make what MATTERS about themselves, I immediately default to Rule 2 and then to Rule 3 if changes are not made.

Rule #5 - We all win TOGETHER or no one WINS.

This is an EXTREMELY important RULE in my TOGETHER because the last thing I want is to celebrate alone and no one should stand victorious while others are unaware.

I clearly articulate what it means to WIN and we define the WIN TOGETHER and what happens when we WIN and what our life will evolve into as a result of the WIN, etc.

The WIN is for ALL - not for me and not for any individual person in our TOGETHER.

And if someone is not able to honor this way of BEING then we default to Rule 2 and then to Rule 3 because we either ALL WIN or there is no WIN!

So these are my rules…

And like I said - I am happy if you use them, tweak them, or create your own but it’s critical that you realize the TOGETHER mentality sooner than later because the moment you do - your life will become more rich, more rewarding, more fun, and more impactful.


Your family is a TOGETHER so go hands-in...scream it loud and scream it proud…

TOGETHER because whatever you are committed to creating will require all TOGETHERS to come together which is why I encourage your daily hands-in!

Who’s in?!?!

Live with Intention,


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