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Stick To The Fundamentals

“I find it so ironic that people are willing to exert energy into marketing strategies and techniques that they hate when the FUNdamentals are not only FUN, but something they are already doing.”

- Jared Yellin

Raise your hand if running Facebook ads is FUN…

Raise your hand if hacking funnels is FUN…

Raise your hand if SEO is FUN…

Raise your hand if reviewing your analytics is FUN…

The overwhelming vast majority of owners and entrepreneurs DON’T find it FUN to do any of the above, unless those strategies happen to be your main thing...

Here’s my reality…

SYNDUIT is a 10-year old company I founded as a marketing agency, which pivoted in 2016 to become a SaaS platform, specifically, the simplest marketing software for small businesses with content built inside of the platform. In less than five years, we scaled from 0 users to over 40,000 users and we have done ZERO and invested ZERO into the strategies listed above.

100% of our users…

100% of our growth…

100% of our investment…

Has been focused on RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL!

RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL is what I consider to be the FUNdamentals of building a business because long before Facebook, Funnels, SEO, and Analytics businesses were able to grow, scale, and make a ton of money and create a ton of impact.

I obviously LOVE technology, but I don’t believe technology should ever make the FUNdamentals obsolete and instead should make them more efficient and effective.

Let’s Focus On Relationship Capital For A Moment…

I believe that Relationship Capital is the only Capital that actually matters.

So much so that whenever I meet someone who feels they are at a disadvantage because of their lack of financial resources BUT they have 20-30-40-50 years of relationships I always emphasize how their asset is far more valuable than money.

Just think about this for a moment…

EVERY person on planet earth is ONE relationship away from a MASSIVE explosion - and in this example - an explosion is VERY positive because it means that their life will never be the same.

Now, if you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or 80s there’s a very good chance that you feel at a disadvantage when compared to the 20 year old.

How could you possibly keep up?

They can type faster…

They understand social media more…

They have more energy…

They are more creative…

But guess what…


I would pick you for my team ANY DAY compared to the internet marketer who does not understand the importance of building, cultivating, maintaining, and optimizing relationships.

Relationship Capital has the potential to create a 1+1 = WAYYYYYY more than 2 outcome…

Relationship Capital looks like this...

Understanding how you can help someone else WIN and clearly stating how they can help YOU win too - ideally you will be able to WIN together and at the same time.

Being comfortable giving 51% or more to the relationship and only getting 49% or less from it.

Constant and neverending cultivation in order to expand your relationship capital tree.

Relationship capital is a normal and regular aspect of the day-to-day life of nearly every person in the world.

You meet people…

You know people…

You care about the meet you meet and know (for the most part)...

And because of this reality…

It’s what I call a FUNdamental.

It’s FUN and it WORKS!

Listen, there’s a real place for Facebook, Funnels, SEO, and Analytics but NOT instead of Relationship Capital.

Facebook, Funnels, SEO, and Analytics is the RED OCEAN - everyone is doing it!

Facebook, Funnels, SEO, and Analytics is me too - everyone is doing it!

Facebook, Funnels, SEO, and Analytics is non-relationational - everyone is doing it!


Relationship Capital is the bluest of the blue ocean, which means there is NO noise, NO distraction, and NO competition…

It’s ONLY smooth sailing and it’s what I DEEPLY encourage you to focus on…


YOU do it anyways…

YOU will have FUN…

YOU will see the benefits immediately…

But Where Do I Find Relationships?!?!


Just take a look at the conduits to relationships that I have and those I want to begin which directly support what we are doing at CILA Labs…

  • Technology Incubators

  • Family

  • Clients

  • Clubhouse

  • Venture Capitalists

  • Successful People

  • Local Networking

  • Online Forums like Reddit, Quora, Startup Nation, Y Hacker News, EntrepreneurFix, Warrior Forum, etc.

  • Entrepreneurial Influencers

  • Colleges / High Schools / Trade Schools

  • Friends

  • Facebook Groups

  • Entrepreneur Networks

  • Investors

  • Engineers

  • Coaches/Consultants

  • Direct Social Outreach via DMs (FB, IG and LI)

  • Organic Search via Content Marketing + List Building

  • Software Development Firms

  • Colleagues / Your Network!

  • Linkedin Groups

  • Industry Leaders

  • Tech Entrepreneurs

  • University Professors

  • Joint Venture Professionals

  • Meetup Groups

  • Network Referrals

Relationships are EVERYWHERE and they are yearning to be FOUND!

WHY do you think the ClubHouse app has taken off?!?!

Relationship Capital!

WHY do you think BNI has exploded year after year?!?!

Relationship Capital!

WHY is one of the basic human needs a sense of belonging?!?!

Relationship Capital!

I hope you get my point, but just in case you don’t…

I Have A Full-Time Director Of Relationship Capital On Our Team!

As always, I would NEVER to tell you to do something that I am not doing, so just to be PROVE how much I value Relationship Capital, I have a FULL TIME ROCKSTAR on our team who literally spends every minute of the day optimizing and organizing our relationship capital tree.

Here was the job description we used to recruit Andrea to become a member of the CILA Family…

Job Summary

With the goal of delivering mutual success for our partners, as a Relationship Manager you will support the Founder of CILA Labs and manage a large portfolio and growing partnership/relationship network. Through excellent account and project management skills, together with a combination of problem-solving, time management, and organizational skills, you can organize, maintain and deliver outcomes in a fast-paced, service-oriented environment.

Job Duties

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for partners and own these partner relationships

  • Work with leadership to develop and execute a comprehensive relationship strategy to optimize and leverage partner relationships

  • Ensure partners have the resources and support they need

  • Manage commitments from the partner to CILA Labs

  • Guide partners to adopt strategies, new initiatives, and best practices

  • Effectively coordinate projects and deliverables with internal teams from marketing, product, operations, and support to deliver on partnership needs

  • Maintain accurate records for all partners in CILA’s CRM (ActiveCampaign)

  • Support project-based work as needed, including facilitating partner-wide initiatives related to communications, events, webinars, meetings and the development of partner resources

Required Skills

  • Top-notch organizational skills and detail-orientation

  • A proactive, curious mindset which lends to fantastic problem-solving skills

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with an ability to collaborate effectively cross-functionally

  • Comfort with complex project management, lending to an ability to multitask effectively and manage a portfolio of multiple projects from various partners simultaneously

  • Bias towards action and a tenacity for meeting deadlines and deliverables

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with contract renewals and working with legal teams

  • Familiarity with ActiveCampaign

  • Familiarity with ASANA

  • Experience in professional services, account management, project management or other client-facing role

  • Service-oriented, ability to make people smile, and maintain relationships

Once again, I can’t emphasize enough how much BETTER it is to leverage relationships than to buy sales…

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN that keeps on WINNING and that is what I want for YOU….

Live with Intention,


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