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Your Genesis Story Must Be Told

“Every chapter of your life has a purpose, most need to be shared, and the longer you suppress the reality that you experienced, is the longer people won’t be able to connect with the real you.”

- Jared Yellin

When was the last time you shared your genesis?

Your genesis is your origin story…

Your genesis is what you went through to get to where you are today…

Your genesis is part of your DNA…

And most people balk when presented with the opportunity.

But why?

EVERY sales opportunity I have, I share my genesis.

I have had people on my team question why I would go back as far as I do and each time they see the person on the other side of the table (or zoom) connecting with ME on a deeper level.

Whenever we debrief they are mesmerized that “it worked.”

They always tell me, “I can’t believe you did it again. They seemed like they were in a rush or not really interested or distracted, but then you shared your genesis and you hooked them.”

It’s almost like they think I am doing some voodoo strategy to hypnotize them, but what I am doing is what YOU should be doing…


And this is how it sounds…

Whenever I am asked to speak about my childhood there is only one word that defines my memory…


My parents got divorced when I was extremely young and this moment became the catalyst for a childhood without serenity.

Don’t get me wrong, I am privileged. I by no means have the most difficult upbringing, but I am also not unaware of the challenges that stood before me as I was finding myself in the world.

If you are intrigued, please continue reading my story.

I committed very early on to personal development as my beacon of hope and my north star. I appreciated the way audios, books, videos, and all other forms of content made me feel and I immersed myself into this work.

I also became extraordinarily passionate about anything that would give me the EDGE in life. From an intense discipline with fitness and nutrition to a daily ritual of self-work, and even a constant need to create things out of nothing. I was not the ordinary kid, but I was indeed very popular because I stood up for what was and is RIGHT.

I stand to even the playing field for people from all walks of life and I have done this for as long as I can remember.

When I was 20 years old, I had a milestone moment.

I realized that someday, I was going to be a DAD.

I am sure this thought stemmed from my desire for my future to be significantly more peaceful than my past and this thought triggered quite a bit of self-reflection.

What did it mean to be a DAD?

The one word that continued to arise was FREEDOM.


Geographical FREEDOM


Financial FREEDOM

Everything FREEDOM

I began thinking about the paths to take to create FREEDOM and there was only one that seemed to give me the chance of HAVING IT ALL.


So, I went all in and 15+ years later, I DID IT!

Complete FREEDOM with 2 absolutely rockstar kiddos!

And I owe this outcome to the successful and challenged companies I have launched over the years.

This is when I transition into my evolution with SYNDUIT to a failed Software Development Venture to CILA Labs and guess what…

I don’t miss ANYTHING!

The entire process takes about 7 minutes and every word is intentional, every inflection of my voice is intentional, and every pause is intentional.

I have shared my genesis 1,000’s of times but I bring the same energy as if it's the first time AND yet, I have 1,000’s of opportunities to refine it so that it lands 100% of the time.

And I can’t begin to explain how much opportunity you are leaving on the table if you are NOT sharing your genesis…

But what if they are not interested?

But what if they cut me off?

But what if I don’t say it perfectly?

You have a choice right now…

Let your doubt hold you back


Let your story reach the world

I guarantee that if you incorporate your genesis into your messaging you will see a noticeable difference with your ability to retain engagement.

My team always laughs that I deployed the Jared Effect because almost 100% of our calls end up with people loving me but this is nothing other than my ability and confidence to not hold back. If I am going to do business OR life with someone in any capacity they need to understand the evolution I went through to get to where I am - this is my genesis - and I share it EVERY SINGLE DAY whenever speaking or meeting someone for the first time.

I invite you to do the same - your engagement level will never be higher!

Live with Intention,



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