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LIVE With Intention

“Every action requires an INTENTION

Because an action WITHOUT intention…

Leads to a result without an achievement.

Achievements are by CHOICE

Results are by CHANCE


- Jared Yellin

Intentionality is such a powerful force…

Many of you know I am the founder of a number of companies…

People often ask me how do I juggle the responsibility while also being a DAD first…

My answer is ALWAYS…


When you are HYPER clear on WHY you are taking any action you are taking the outcome becomes predictable.

And if you are NOT getting the outcomes you want in any area of your life…

It’s because you are not crystal clear on your INTENTIONALITY.

What Areas Matter?

This is something that ONLY YOU can answer…

  • Family

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Spirituality

  • Religion

  • Career

  • Finances

  • Material Items

  • Travel

  • Alone Time

  • Intimacy

  • Quality of Life

  • Vision

The list goes on and on and on and what matters most is that you define and declare what areas matter to YOU!

And I emphasize TO YOU because it does NOT matter what your parents, teachers, and preachers are telling you.

It does not matter that your best friend ends his day at 5pm so he can get home to coach little baseball…

It does not matter that your neighbor has a nanny watching their child as they pursue their corporate career…

It does not matter that your cousin is in a relationship with one person and wants to spend their life with this person…

All that matters is what YOU DECIDE…

So, I ask you again….


For me, being a DAD is an area that not only MATTERS but is my number one focus along with being a HUSBAND and being HEALTHY and being an ENTREPRENEUR and being a LEADER and making MONEY by being in my PURPOSE all while LIVING MY CODE which is to do the RIGHT THING regardless of who is watching…!

YES a mouthful, but also something I am VERY VERY VERY intentional about.

And here’s why…

TIME gets wasted for almost every person on the planet…

They waste time scrolling…

They waste time watching…

They waste time unfocused…

And by wasting that time - they are living outside of intention - and when they live outside of intention - they are unable to create the outcome they desire (aka AN ACHIEVEMENT) because every action they take is missing that key ingredient…

INTENTION! (yes, I am being repetitive for a reason)

I Refuse To Live Haphazardly!

When you are taking actions without intention you are leaving your outcome to chance and I say living your life haphazardly…

And haphazardly does not only mean you will almost always miss your mark, but it also means that you might actually achieve your outcome but now know how or why or what to do to create repetition…

So, here’s my secret...

Slow down (for one second)

To speed up (for a lifetime).

I mean it - center yourself on WHY you are doing what you are doing and then take action.

WHY am I writing this email

WHY am I doing this webinar

WHY am I launching this company

WHY am I going on date night

WHY am I playing with my kids

WHY am I driven to lose weight


I am not sure if you read my blog on PROGRAMMING YOUR CODE:

I highly recommend it because once you KNOW your code and then you STOP negotiating against yourself AND you remain focused on your INTENT - you will get your outcome almost every time.

I NEVER make sports analogies, but this is too good not to share..

Don Mattingly used to be a first baseman for the NY Yankees and he said that each time he went to bat, he was able to slow down the ball once it was thrown by the pitcher to such a degree that it would be hard to miss it.

This is INTENT!

His intent was crystal clear and then he executed on it…

Which is my hope and desire and drive for you!




And finally..

LIVE With Intention

“Every action requires an INTENTION

Because an action WITHOUT intention…

Leads to a result without an achievement.

Achievements are by CHOICE

Results are by CHANCE


Live with Intention,



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