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Your Path To It ALL

“Having it all is a process, journey, and adventure that requires clarity, non-negotiables, seismic action, and worth.”

-Jared Yellin

Who does NOT want it ALL?

I mean what a ridiculous question…

But what’s interesting is how few people even attempt to get there…

EVERYONE wants it…

ALMOST NO ONE tries to get it…


Well, first off, I believe we are conditioned to live a life riddled with compromises.

“This is just how things are.”

“You can’t get everything you want.”

“Sometimes you just need to settle.”

These ridiculous, small-minded, INACCURATE statements access the pool of possibility in our lives and drowns any chance of having it all.

And the reality is that this “life of compromise” started at a very young age and has been passed on for generations and will continue to be passed on for generations if a change is not made and a new norm is not established.

Whenever I hear a parent speaking to a child and embed this weak belief system into their mind, body, and spirit, I want to run over and shake them, push them, and help them see the damage they are causing to their kiddo AND to themselves.

The more we rehearse these weak, inaccurate, and limiting statements, the more we believe they are true and the further away we get from...IT ALL!

But What If The Thought Of “IT ALL” Is Scary…?

Does having more time with your kids scare you?

Does having more money scare you?

Does seeing the world scare you?

Does living in the perfect house for you and your family scare you?

Does having a career you love scare you?

Does going deeper with your spouse scare you?

Does having all of these and more scare you?

HAVING IT ALL is not the scary part, but trying and falling short is.

This is how most things in life appear - scary.

Finding true love…

Getting a dream job…

Launching your own company…

Moving to your ideal home…

Taking the vacation you always wanted to…

Please realize the ALL part is not the scary part, but rather it’s the potential that you won’t make it...

And what if you don’t make it…

“I will never be able to look at myself in the mirror ever again.”

“I will be mortified when others find out.”

“I will never try again.”

But what if you do make it…

“I will have the life I always dreamed about.”

“My kids will have the parent I know they want and deserve.”

“My relationship will elevate to the place it should be.”

“I will no longer need to think about money.”

“My idea will become a reality.”

Please answer this honestly…

Which is worse?

Not making it


Not trying?!

For me, I literally can’t phantom not trying…

The thought of leaving anything on the field when it’s all said and done is so scary, painful, and overwhelming for me that I not only will pursue it ALL, I won’t stop until I GET THERE!

But, what about you?

Is it worse that you fall short trying BUT are further along than you would have been otherwise….


You eventually leave this beautiful earth with all of your desires locked up inside?!?!?!

Clarity, Non-Negotiables, Seismic Action, and Worth - The Make Or Break To Have It All!

There are FOUR make or breaks to having it all (or at least trying)...

CLARITY - What is your ALL? If you could literally paint a picture of your absolute ideal life in every meaningful domain and you did not compromise anything...what does this look like?










Keep the list coming and get CLEAR on this without any FEAR - just don’t hold back!

It’s impossible to HAVE IT ALL without even knowing what your ALL is.

NON-NEGOTIABLES - I have written a lengthy article about Non-Negotiables which I encourage you to read here, but just to explain this on the surface. Most people don’t have what they want because of no reason other than they negotiate with themselves. They negotiate against their goals, they negotiate against their newly formed habits, they negotiate against their ultimate desires. The ONLY way to get what you want is to define and adhere to your non-negotiables.

Most people don’t have what they want in life because they negotiate against their non-negotiables and also allow others to as well. They negotiate against their schedule, their rituals, their ideals, their values, their goals, etc. because they lack CLARITY (which is the first make or break) and they lack WORTH (which is the last make or break).

I could go on and on about Non-Negotiables but I already have here.

SEISMIC ACTION - Here’s the deal...thinking about IT ALL and ACTING on IT ALL are vastly different things. There are millions of dreamers in the world, but very few creators. The reason I can boldly say I HAVE IT ALL and will continue to add to MY ALL is because I don’t think about my ultimate desires, I ACT on them.

The clarity step is really important because once you know what YOUR ALL is in each domain, it’s critical that you gain the courage to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

The last thing I want is for you to have a beautiful list of what you ultimately desire in life and then that list never sees the light of day. This would be painful for me and I hope it would disturb you to your core.

And for the record - seismic action is more than just action. This is giving yourself the permission to LET GO of any pieces that would hold you back so that you can grab the entire (new) opportunity that stands before you. If you are not nervous, your action is not seismic enough and remember…

In the end it will ALWAYS be great…

And if it's not GREAT, it’s not the end.

WORTH - The final MAKE or BREAK to having it ALL is your worth of yourself.

Listen, everyone has self-worth challenges OR a self-worth challenge…(stay with me here, this is NOT a typo)

Everyone has had someone tell them that they are not good enough, fast enough, smart enough, successful enough, thin enough, etc. and when this event transpired you were given a choice…

ADOPT Self-Worth Challenges


ACCEPT Self-Worth Challenge

Allow this moment to become part of my self-worth challenges OR accept this moment as a self-worth CHALLENGE - the latter was my decision and one of the reasons why I have NEVER stopped writing.

I took that event which could have dismantled my worth and used it as a mechanism to enhance my worth.

And it’s NEVER too late to ACCEPT the challenge versus ADOPT the challenge.

The only way you will even come close to HAVING IT ALL is if you feel worthy enough of this achievement, this way of life, this destination.

If your worth was suppressed from an event in the past, it’s time you either continue to ADOPT it and NOT get what you want in life OR ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE.

ACCEPT the challenge that you are not good enough, fast enough, smart enough, successful enough, thin enough, etc. and prove to YOURSELF that...YOU ARE!

This Is Tactical And Practical So Don’t Be Motivated - Go For It!

I did not write this article so you would be pumped up…

I did not write this article so you would be excited…

I did not write this article so you would say THANK YOU…

But I did write this article to challenge your belief…

MOST people don’t believe that IT ALL is possible, but I am a living example and YOU WILL BE TOO if you take on each MAKE or BREAK starting right now and declare (with action) that you will MAKE IT!

As always - the choice is yours, but on the other side of the FEAR that is holding you back is a glorious world defined by YOU and only YOU…

It’s called…


I hope to see you here soon...

Live with Intention,


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