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Gratitude Is The Way

“Everything in life ‘is what it is’ and the words you attach to ‘what is’ become decisive, which means if the word grateful or gratitude is not attached to all of your ‘what is’ then you will miss the opportunity to experience the joy in every ‘what is.’” - Jared Yellin

“I was cheated on.”

“I was sued.”

“I was fired.”

“I was bullied.”

“I was abused.”

“I was diagnosed.”

“I was taken advantage of.”

“I failed.”

“I lost money.”

“I ___________.”

I want to make you acutely aware of something…

EVERYONE has a story.

EVERYONE has had something occur in their lives that ended up shaping a significant part of their identity.

It might have been one of the statements from above, or maybe it’s something unique to you, but no one is immune to life-shaping experiences (they are unavoidable), but the one thing you ALWAYS control is how you react to each of these moments.

Allow me to help bring this to life for you….

Pretend you were getting deposed for a frivolous lawsuit that holds zero basis but has already cost a significant amount of time, money, and reputational damage.

The deposition is what it is….

It’s a deposition.

Now, the words, emotions, and thoughts you attach to ‘WHAT IS’ become DECISIVE!

Let’s pretend there are TWO people in the exact same WHAT IS…

Person A: Depositions are exhausting, scary, upsetting, wasteful, and emotionally draining. I am depressed by this deposition.

Person B: Depositions are exciting, thrilling, fun and will expose the truth. I am grateful for this deposition.

Which PERSON do you believe will perform better in the EXACT same WHAT IS - the deposition?


Your WORDS, EMOTIONS, and THOUGHTS are powerful beyond measure, so choose them wisely because each of these will create the image you operate in and the reality that you will cause.

I get it – attaching context to WHAT IS does not change WHAT IS - but what if it does?

I did not make up this concept. I learned it during a program called Landmark, and it stems back to the Bible, but what I have done is drive the point home to thousands of people over the years.

From family to team members to friends - when I see someone negotiating, debating, arguing, stressing, etc. about ‘what is’-- I challenge them to change their context.

Some get even more frustrated; while the few who embrace and accept the challenge realize the power of this exercise.

But it’s not just about attaching new WORDS to ‘what is,’ it’s also believing at the deepest level that everything in life is happening FOR YOU and NOT to you, which means – you must be GRATEFUL that you are currently dealing with your experience.

God will never give you more than you can handle…

You have unlimited untapped potential that is yearning to be tapped…

A new muscle will grow as a result of your current circumstance…

All of this means - you are going through EXACTLY what you NEED in order to next level your life, and what I will share next is how to USE GRATITUDE as an undeniable, unstoppable, unbelievable competitive advantage.

5 Reasons Your New Default Must Become GRATITUDE

1 - Gratitude Breeds Creativity

Scientific studies have proven there is a link between gratitude and creative problem-solving. When we experience positive emotions we enhance our ability to solve problems and come up with more ideas for action. This reason by itself should be an ultimate driver to embrace GRATITUDE AS A WAY OF LIFE. Because if you are currently in a very, very, very trying situation, the more you default to “why me,” the less energy you will have, which will keep you stuck BUT when your context changes to “grateful,” you will immediately get a surge of creativity which will lead to a sustainable solution to the current situation.

2 - Gratitude Makes Even The Darkest Moments Fun + Light

When you can see the beauty in the stress and the light in the darkness, and the opportunity in the dead end – you will immediately have more fun. It’s an absolutely profound side effect of gratitude, and many people who I have approached with the premise of CHOOSING your context have told me that they initially believed their circumstances would never change, but when they began to see their situation as something to be grateful for, they also began having more FUN!

3 - Gratitude Is Magnetic

‘WHY ME’ will attract NO ONE or other VICTIMS – neither will serve you AT ALL and both will unquestionably detract energy and vigor, which are two essential ingredients to overcome your current situation and thrive. But what’s also fascinating about gratitude is that this energy is intoxicating, and you will begin to see people coming out of the woodwork with the goal of serving YOU because as they SERVE you, they simultaneously serve themselves. I am sure you have heard of the saying, “Don’t Be A Karen,” and what this means is DON’T BE A COMPLAINER, because like attracts like and the only typing Karen will ever experience is the draining and overwhelming responsibility of associating with OTHER KAREN’s! Pick gratitude if you want to attract more of your optional into your life.

4 - Gratitude Is Your Even-Playing Field

If you feel like you are in a David versus Goliath moment – either personally or professionally – default to GRATITUDE, because this decision will level the playing field and give you more than a fighting chance. I am currently in a situation like this with a small group of naysayers who have taken their naysaying to an unhealthy level; and the way I combat their collective force is that I 100% feel GRATEFUL that each of these people entered my world because they opened my perspective to some of my greatest skills and abilities that lay dormant. They helped me codify what it means to be the wrong person in my life, and they provided me with more CERTAIN energy that I am onto something because if I was not – they would not be naysaying. I am GRATEFUL for these people and I know gratitude has leveled our playing field.

5 - Gratitude Creates Limitless Possibilities

I am officially past the point of being amazed because my way of life – aka GRATITUDE – opens personal and professional doors daily. 100% of my success and impact is because I am grateful for everything – the good, the bad, the challenging, the exciting, the painful, and the invigorating. This is NOT a law of attraction exercise, rather, it’s a well-documented and researched benefit of seeing every experience as one, that leads to a sense of gratitude because each of these experiences are happening because you are ready for them.

Jared, This Is Easy For You To Say + Write – My Life Is Exponentially More Difficult

NEVER judge your insides based on someone else’s outside.

By no means do I remotely believe OR want you to believe that I have had the most challenging life.

There are millions of people who are experiencing wayyyy more difficult challenges than I ever will, but what I can tell you is this…






  • I LOVE MY LIFE…just in case you forgot

I share this because EVERYTHING in this article is part of my committed WAY OF LIFE, and I know it works.

I am only preaching what I am currently living, and the reason I am preaching it is because I want you to attach new context to your “WHAT IS” so you can get more creativity, more fun + light energy, more magnetic relationship, a more significant even playing field, and even more possibilities.

And what I know to be true is…


Live with Intention,


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